Aircall and Its Great Features to Manage Customer Relationship in Business

Maintain good relationship with customers is important in business. There are times when customers may contact the company to make orders or ask some questions regarding the products or services offered by the company. When they are responded properly, it increases chances of making deals. However, maintaining all communications is not easy. There can calls and messages from customers and potential clients. Some can be missed and it can lead to the loss of opportunity. Thus, having proper system to handle issues is necessary, and cloud telephony is one of the solutions.

Cloud telephony can provide system to manage calls from many people. The system provides cloud-based telephone number. Phones and related tools are no longer necessary. Thus, costs can be decreased. Then, it will be more flexible to use because inbound and outbound calls can be made from any locations as long as internet connection is available. Data and information regarding the call logs and other details can also be managed easily. More benefits can be obtained. Then, what is more important is to find the best service provider for the cloud telephony platform. Aircall becomes right choice for small and medium-size business.

Aircall is more than just cloud telephony platform. It covers various means of communications so texts are also included in the services. Single platform is enough to handle various kinds of communication so it will be more beneficial for companies that have difficulties in handling the issues. Aircall’s website even offer free trial so companies can try directly and witness the powerful benefits brought by the platform. One of the key benefits is about its integration. It supports easy and quick integrations to CRM platforms. Then, it supports integrations to various tools. It is not only limited to the CRM tools, but Aircall can be integrated to some AI and transcription tools and workforce management. Thus, the platform will more convenient to use.

Aircall is truly best business phone solution. It can be very helpful to provide company with toll-free number. It will set the number based of the location where the company operates. Even, it can provide international numbers and it supports more than 100 countries. As for its convenience, users can set business hours. Schedule can be made to manage when the business is ready to receive phone calls. In case customers call outside the schedule, it is possible to create customizable responses by using feature of Voicemail.

Having many incoming calls in business is normal. It will not be difficult to handle by using Aircall. There is feature of Call Routing that will help the distribution of call. Interactive Voice Response will also be useful features to support the distribution. The feature guides customer to specific team depending on the needs of customers. Of course, the platform is not only to assist the management of phone calls. All data can be collected. Even, transcripts of the calls can be recorded so all information will never be missed anymore. Orders, complaints, and other kinds of information in the call will be recorded. In case there is misunderstanding or other issues, these can also be tracked down easily. More features still can be found in Aircall and these are reasons why it is best platform to handle customer relationship and other communications in business.