HTC to Reveal Metaverse Smartphone in April

DigiTimes has reported that an HTC executive said that the company is planning to launch a new smartphone that’s primed for the Metaverse.

In recent months, big-name companies such as Meta and Qualcomm have been making steps towards building and developing a digital-only realm, dubbed the Metaverse. It seems that HTC will be trying to jump early on the bandwagon by creating a smartphone with specific enhancements towards this end.

The high-end phone is said to launch in April. HTC has been silent in the smartphone market for a while, but it did create some notably unique mobile devices in the past, notably its ‘blockchain phone’, a Facebook phone and a 3D video capture phone. Historically speaking, a Metaverse-themed phone is not a far-off idea, and HTC will be likely adding in hardware and features that cater to the online experience.

The exact date of release has not been disclosed, but we should expect announcements soon.