5 Exercises for Healthier Back Muscles

Modern everyday life often leads to back problems. Problems with the back have become a real widespread disease.

For example, sitting for long periods of time is extremely unhealthy for the back. This causes pain in the long term. However, even short activities, such as standing for a while or a short digestive walk after lunch, can have a positive effect on back health.

In addition, simple exercises that ensure healthier back muscles are also recommended. The following article explains what these are and the general importance of a healthy back.

The importance of strong back muscles

On average, people nowadays sit for far too long – exercise to compensate is often neglected alongside this. The back suffers massively when too much time is spent in a sedentary posture.

It is typical, for example, that the posture tends to be stooped and the shoulders are hunched forward. In the long term, this causes suffering in the back, which not infrequently even results in physical limitations. Then professional treatment can no longer be dispensed with, for example in the case of spinal canal stenosis.

Often, however, even small changes in everyday life are sufficient to prevent back pain. This includes, among other things, leaving the sitting position more often and standing up. The strained back is already significantly relieved by a few steps. During work, colleagues should be visited in person more often than called. If telephone calls are really necessary, they should ideally be made while standing.

The best exercises for strengthening the back

Training the back can be done quite comfortably at home. Therefore, a gym membership is not necessary. If the following exercises are performed regularly, they will not only significantly strengthen the back, but also prevent injuries.

The pelvic lift

In the pelvic lift, the legs are bent in the supine position. The pelvis is then lifted off the floor. This position is held for a few seconds before the hips are lowered. The exercise should be repeated ten to 15 times.

The Cat and Cow

The starting position is the quadruped stance. The knees should be directly below the hips and the hands directly below the shoulders. The sternum is lifted in the course of the inhalation and the back is brought into a hollow cross position. Subsequently, the back is to be formed into a hump in the course of exhaling. This exercise can be performed ten to 20 times.

The Kneeling Twist

The starting position for the Kneeling Twist is also a quadruped stance. While one arm is slowly moved to the side and upward, one hand remains on the floor. The gaze follows the hand. After that, the arm is slowly returned – to below the torso. Ten repetitions should be performed per side.

The Superman

For the Superman exercise, position yourself flat on your stomach. Both the arms and the legs are then lifted into the air. Hold the position for about 20 seconds before putting the arms and legs back down. Five to ten repetitions are shown to be useful for this exercise.

Rowing in the standing position

When rowing in the standing balance, the stance is done on only one leg. This creates a line between the floor and the upper body. Alternately, the arms are then to be tightened. Ideally, this exercise is performed with light weights, such as two water bottles.