5 Helpful Tips to Save Energy Living in a Condo

Believe it or not, we can play an active role in reducing our carbon footprint right inside our own homes. Here are five tips so you can start saving energy and money while living in The Myst.

Heating and Cooling

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort just to save money on energy costs. Some of the easiest ways include opening a window for better circulation, installing a ceiling fan, or putting up shades and curtains to block the sunlight.

Electronics and Appliances

The biggest energy savings can be had not just in cooling appliances, but in electronics as well. Newer appliances will have energy efficiency ratings that will tell you how much electricity you can save in a month. Inverter models are better at consuming energy compared to their older counterparts, for example. Consider making the switch on major components such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and other items you use on a daily basis.


Yes, you can save water by considering low-flow showerheads and faucets and fixing leaks as soon as you notice them. Opt for energy-efficient heaters as well.

Consider Solar or Portable Generators

Tap into renewable and green energy with portable energy stations that can take up a solar charge. Even while living in The Myst condo you can get a standalone power station that has solar panels- simply position it in a way that it catches strong sunlight and you can use that energy to power a fan or your laptop, for example.

Daily Living

Consistency is key if you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle in a condo. After making the switch to more energy-efficient appliances, don’t be wasteful and turn off lights and electronics when you’re not using them. You can attach smart plugs so you can turn them off even when you’re not at home.