5 Simple Tips to Transform a Corner into a Meditation Space

Meditation and relaxation are often the go-to techniques to stay calm and focused in a busy lifestyle. The good news is that you won’t need a room to do it- a small space in the corner of your Emerald of Katong condo should suffice. Here are five tips to get started.

Gather All Meditation Essentials

Your meditation space is unique and different from the others, depending on what elements you use to do deep breathing exercises or yoga poses. You can have a book, a scented candle, a yoga mat, a small blanket, and so on.

Assign a Small Room or Corner

Pick out a corner in your house where you can relax and be yourself. Sit down and feel the energy of the space- is it conducive to mindfulness and does it allow you to complete your breathing exercises? A small space beside the patio window could be a great spot since it allows the morning sun to pass through.

A Blanket or Cushion Will Do

The goal of meditation is to be comfortable and at peace, and for this reason you’d need something to lie or sit on. A small cushion or blanket spread out on the floor can minimize the strain or impact on your knees or feet.

Keep the Meditation Space Neat and Tidy

It only takes a minute or so to declutter your meditation space. Make it a habit to regularly clean and keep it nice and tidy so you won’t be bothered while in a breathing or mindfulness session.

Eliminate Noise and Distractions

Lastly, do turn off your smartphone or at least put it on silent so you won’t distracted by the electronic noise. Make yourself comfortable and turn off the TV or radio so you can turn inward.