5 Tips for Staying Motivated So You Can Achieve Your Fitness Goals

It’s one thing to set a fitness goal but quite another to stay motivated and focused before reaching success! Once you’ve committed to a goal, it takes determination, motivation and perseverance to maintain momentum. If you’re one of many Australians taking your health journey seriously but struggling to keep yourself from falling by the wayside, we want to help!

Self-motivation could be your downfall but you can do something about it – how about personal training Frankston locals use to stay on track? Having the right support and a helping hand could keep you on track when you need it most. Let’s talk about motivation and how to achieve your fitness goals so you can enjoy overall wellness, vitality and success.

5 Tips for Staying Motivated So You Can Achieve Your Fitness Goal

1. Hire the Right People to Support You

Brian Tracy once said, “Get around the right people. Associate with positive, goal-oriented people who encourage and inspire you.” If your friends and family don’t quite get your reason for having a fitness goal, you need to look elsewhere for people who’ll encourage you on your health journey. Surrounding yourself with positive people keeps you motivated and focused on your goals.

Hiring the right people to support you is vital if you want to succeed. Having a personal trainer who holds you accountable to your health goals could be all you need to stay inspired. Personal trainers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to empower you to become active and fit. Other people who can support you could be a health or life coach, a therapist or a nutrition expert.

2. Identify WHY You Want a Fitness Goal

Knowing the “why” behind wanting a fitness goal will help you stay focused even when you feel you can’t go on. Your reason for getting fit and healthy could be any of the following:

  • Physical and mental health: Your doctor has recommended exercise as a way to strengthen your body or to improve conditions such as depression and anxiety.
  • Body tone: You’re tired of your flabby arms, tummy bulges and wobbly thighs and want to enjoy having a toned and muscular body.
  • Aging body: The older we get, the harder it becomes to do everyday activities. Keeping fit not only strengthens your body but keeps you mobile and active in your later years.

Listing the “whys” and the benefits of exercising will encourage you on those days you don’t feel up to working out.

A quick tip! Write it down and keep this list where you see it every day.

3. Bust Procrastination With a Daily Schedule

Procrastination is a number one goal-buster so you need to implement some strategies to prevent this behaviour from holding you back. One of the best ways to bust procrastination is to draw up a daily schedule and to stick to it. Including exercise in your timetable ensures you prioritise your workout routine no matter what else is happening in your life.

Prioritising exercise in your daily schedule can be something as simple as taking a walk in the neighbourhood during your lunch hour. Slotting in your personal training sessions ensures you show up and including time on the weekend to do workouts means you don’t lose momentum or start bad, lazy habits.

4. Pick a Workout Routine That You’ll Enjoy

There’s no point forcing yourself to jog every day if you don’t enjoy hitting the road and running. Finding the best workout for you that you’ll enjoy keeps you motivated and prevents you from finding excuses to avoid doing it. Your workout routine can be changed to add some fun and variety to your days.

Find a gym that offers a variety of workout activities such as Pilates, yoga, swimming classes, group training sessions and boot camps. This allows you to pick different classes throughout the week and find the best workout programme that’s right for you. Other fitness options to consider outside the gym could include dancing, hiking and cycling.

5. Get Good Habits

Identifying bad habits from the start will help you eliminate them instead of them holding you back from achieving your fitness goals. Replacing them with good habits will help you achieve goals even faster!

Constructive daily habits support you to maintain momentum and can be as simple as putting out your training gear the night before so you’re prepared in the morning. Other good daily habits that help with fitness routines include:

  • Preparing a healthy lunchbox to take to work every day.
  • Having a healthy sleeping pattern.
  • Keeping a water bottle with you wherever you go.

Joining a gym Frankston locals use to stay inspired could be all you need as well. Being surrounded by other people chasing their wellness goals can turn good decisions into a habit even faster.

Final Thoughts

Rewarding yourself every step of the way is another positive way to stay motivated. So, what will you spoil yourself with once you achieve your next milestone?