6 Options to Consider When Shopping Around for Blinds and Curtains

Looking for new window treatments can be a lot of fun and being aware of the various options available helps you make a well-informed choice for your home. So, what are the options you need to know about when picking blinds or curtains for your Narre Warren home?

When shopping around for blinds Narre Warren homeowners need to consider fabric types, colours, manual or automatic features and so much more! Feeling overwhelmed? There’s no need to be once you’ve read this article.

6 Options to Consider When Shopping Around for Blinds and Curtains

1. Types of Window Treatments: Blinds vs. Curtains

It helps to narrow down your window treatment options before you start looking. When comparing blinds vs. curtains, you’ll need to factor in light control, ease of use, insulation and whether you want a contemporary or more traditional look for your rooms.

Window cover suppliers can help you make the right choice between blinds and curtains. Blinds are unobtrusive, suitable for the minimalist homeowner and stylish. Contemporary homeowners who aren’t keen on blinds or shutters can find modernised curtain styles to update their rooms.

2. Decide Where to Look: In-Store or Online

If you’re a confident e-commerce shopper, you can find a large range of blinds and curtains online. However, visiting local showrooms and retailers will make it easier to decide on the most appropriate window treatments for your home. Having the option to touch and compare materials, colours and styles makes it simpler to pick your next room upgrade feature.

Use customer testimonials or reviews to help you pick a reputable window cover supplier or speak to other homeowners in your neighbourhood for local references.

3. Get Advice: Speak to Window Cover Experts

The advantage of buying in-store is that you can speak directly to window cover experts. They can help you decide on the right type of treatment based on the following factors:

  • The size and shape of your windows
  • How much light control you want
  • Insulation and energy-efficiency
  • Ease of use

Window treatment experts can guide you through the process of choosing the best fabric, the right colours to match your room décor and the most appropriate style. Some window cover experts will visit your home for a free consultation and customise blinds or curtains to meet your personal preference.

4. Manual vs. Automatic: Evaluate Ease of Use

Evaluating ease of use is important if you want optimal convenience. For example, you can use motorised systems to operate your blinds or curtains. With the touch of a button, you can easily open and close your automatic blinds or curtains using your smartphone or remote control. However, these options are more expensive than manual designs.

Operating blinds with standard pulley systems or cords is simple and cost-effective and more affordable for homeowners on a tight budget. Deciding on a budget before you start shopping around will help you decide whether you should pick manual or automatic products.

5. Warranties: Look Out for Guarantees

Blinds and curtains can be a costly investment but guarantees or warranties on quality window treatments gives you peace of mind you’re not wasting your money. Look for window treatment suppliers who offer lifetime guarantees on repairing broken blinds, tangled cords or malfunctioning motors.

Guarantees on certain fabrics or manufacturer warranties on materials such as mesh and PVC and installation keep you covered should something need to be replaced or repaired.

While you may save some money on cheaper window treatment products, investing in premium-quality blinds and curtains does often mean they come with a warranty or guarantee.

6. Free Services: Consultation, Quotes and Installation

Window cover suppliers who offer free services make it easier for you to pick the best option for your residential property. Free consultations and samples allow you to discuss your concerns and needs with an expert while trying out various options before making a final decision.

Obligation-free quotes give you the space and time to decide if you can afford the blinds or curtains before making a payment. Lastly, free installation ensures your blinds or curtains are secure, fit neatly and operate smoothly, making it all a worthwhile investment.

Final Thoughts

When shopping around for blinds or curtains Narre Warren homeowners need to look at all the options available to them. Working with experts who are friendly, efficient and prompt with their service will give you more confidence when deciding on what the best window covers are for your home. It’s even better when installers take all the measurements, ensuring you get the right fit!

Consider window cover suppliers who have a wide range of products so you’re not limited in your choices. You may end up deciding shutters are better than motorised roller blinds after all!

One last tip – take into consideration custom solutions and excellent workmanship to get the best value for money.