Bebird Note5 Pro Review: A Must-Have Gadget for Ear Care Enthusiasts

For optimal hearing, it is a must to have a healthy and clean ear canal. With time, your ear canal gets plugged with wax thus interrupting the normal hearing. If you do not clean this wax, it can lead to discomfort, infection, and even hearing loss in severe cases.

Nowadays, innovative camera-equipped ear wax removal technologies are available for the safe removal of debris in your ears. One such device is the Bebird Ear Wax Camera. Is it safe and effective? Let’s get to know in this Bebird Note5 Pro review.

Key Takeaway

  • Bebird ear cleaner has a distinguished name in the market for its amazing top-quality features. It has an innovative otoscope technology with an HD camera and gyroscope. This ensures that you get a stable view even when your hands are vibrating.
  • The silicon tips are safe and soft for your ears.
  • Additionally, it has LED lights that can help you get a clear view and rule out the causes of discomfort in your ears.
  • Since the camera connection is wireless, so all you need is WIFI to use the kit. It is accessible on both Android and IOS. So, anyone can easily use it on any of these operating systems.

About Bebird Note5 Pro

The Bebird Note5 Pro is a high-tech ear-cleaning tool known for its user-friendly design and precise functionality. It has a high-end endoscope with a 10-megapixel camera to visualize the situation inside your ear. The 3.2mm thin camera can easily enter even in a child’s ear.

The camera is equipped with LED lights to make the view even clearer and allow accurate wax removal. With a 6-axis smart gyroscope, you get a stable image even when the tool is being rotated in the ear.

Its highly precise robotic tweezers can clamp up to 80g of weight. Their ends are rubber-coated to protect the ears from any damage. Moreover, the gadget comes with different types of heads such as rounded or curved. Hence, you can use a single ear-cleaning tool in several ways.

What We Found After Testing

Video Quality

One of the most impressive features of the Bebird ear cleaner is its high-resolution camera. This 10-megapixel camera has 1080P resolution that provides a sharp and clear view while cleaning. Since the tool is equipped with 6 smart-directional gyroscopes, you can attain stable image and video orientation.

Being able to view the depth your ear-cleaning tool has reached can help you prevent ear-drum damage. Moreover, you can also precisely locate the wax and proceed towards its removal.


Most of the accidents occur when you are blindly cleaning your ear. Cameras alone cannot help since your ear is like a cave that darkens as you go deeper. To ensure safety, the Bebird ear cleaner has built-in LED shadowless light.

It lightens up the ear canal to accurately assess the health of your ear.


All you need is a strong WIFI connection to use this ear-cleaning tool. It has a wireless camera that can be connected to the phone through the Bebird online app. Therefore, you can easily put your phone anywhere around you to visualize your ear.

This enhances user convenience as you can freely move your phone around. Also, wires can tangle, break, and damage thus rendering the tool ineffective. Having a wireless device saves you from this worry too.


The use of the Bebird smart app is not limited to a single operating system only. It is compatible with both Android and IOS smartphones. This makes it accessible to everyone. One single app can be accessed from different devices having different operating systems easily.

Will there be any difference in its working on Android and IOS? No, the device works almost the same for both operating systems.

Ease of Use

The Bebird ear wax removal kit is user-friendly with intuitive controls. Its setup process is like a piece of cake. You can download the app from the Play Store or the App Store or scan the QR code available in the manual. Then after connecting the WIFI with the app, you can see options to control tweezers, camera, and other features.

The user interface is very easy to understand. So, aged people or those with no knowledge of technology can efficiently use the tool.

Size and Design

If we look at the size and design of the device, it is very ergonomic. The 3.2mm compact otoscope is one of the thinnest cameras available on the market. It is less than the average width of the ear so can easily fit and move in the ear.

The overall size of the device is similar to a pen. So, it is portable and can be carried around on your trips.

Accessories and Attachments

The Bebird ear cleaning tool with camera comes with several accessories and attachments to enhance its versatility and usability. It has interchangeable ear-cleaning tips with different head shapes. These tips also come in 3 colors so one color can be designated for each family member.

There is also a storage base for these tips and an ear canal safety pad to ensure maximum protection while cleaning. Moreover, cotton swabs, alcohol swabs, and a cleaning brush are some extras provided with a kit to clean it and store it safely.

Reviews and Recommendations

Curious about user experiences with the device? Madhoo Patil, an enthusiast of the Bebird Note5, commends its effectiveness, stating, “It offers an exceptional HD view inside the ear, enabling precise removal of debris with its delicate twisters. Additionally, its long-lasting battery ensures it’s a perfect travel companion.”

Dr. Fayez also notes, “This tool is both versatile and cost-effective for home use, offering substantial savings and proving invaluable to medical professionals. The prospect of incorporating it into emergency rooms is particularly appealing.”


The Bebird ear wax removal kit is $99.99. One can find this price quite high for just an ear-cleaning tool. But, when you look at the features of devices and the accessories you are getting, it surely seems worth it.

A tiny camera-equipped ear cleaner with LED light, smart tweezers, 12 ear-cleaning tips, some extra cleaning tools, and charging accessories all seem a good trade for $99.99. 

Warranty and Customer Support

Lastly, Bebird also offers a 1-year warranty. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you change your mind, you can return it.

If we discuss customer support, Bebird offers friendly 24/7 customer support. You can directly mail them, visit the company, or text them on the Bebird official website.

The Final Verdict

The Bebird ear wax cleaner is a great alternative to harmful cotton buds that push the ear wax deeper and damage the eardrum. It is superior to any other ear wax removal method as it offers you cutting-edge technology for cleaning your ears.

With its HD camera, soft silicon tips, powerful tweezers, and lighting feature, you can clean your ear flawlessly. Moreover, you can sort out your problems anytime with Bebird’s 24/7 customer support. So, does not the purchase seem reliable and worth it?