Best WordPress Plugins in 2022

WordPress plugins are the juice for WordPress. Without WordPress plugins, your WordPress site will lack much functionality.

At this Article, we list the Top WordPress Plugins in 2022

1- Quill Forms

Quill Forms is one of the top trends in 2022. Whether you are looking for a WordPress form plugin or a wordpress survey plugin, Quill Forms is the best ever!

It has a beautiful UI and the animation between questions is fabulous.

It is also great for Automation since it integrates with multiple 3rd party applications.

The most powerful integration is Zapier since it lets you connect with 3000+ applications that will help for your automation!
If you can’t find your favorite integration, you can use “Webhooks” which is an amazing feature Quill Forms comes with.

It is really the best Typeform plugin.

You can use it also as a wordpress quiz plugin since it comes with a calculator feature that allows you to set a score for each question and do advanced calculations.

The team behind Quill Forms is always developing new features and you won’t be disappointed with this plugin.

Quill Forms is a free typeform alternative built for WordPress.

2- Kadence Blocks

Gutenberg is a new revolution in WordPress and it becomes a core part of WordPress. Love it or hate it, you still need some plugins to improve it with more blocks and more features.

One of the best block library plugins is Kadence blocks. If you are familiar with Elementor already, you will love this plugin since it imitates the same Elementor experience in Gutenberg.

The free version is enough to build amazing websites.

3- FileBird

This plugin is a very creative plugin with a very creative idea. Every one using WordPress suffers from the massive number of media files he has on his website. Here, this plugin comes to solve this issue with organizing your media files into folders. It works smoothly with page builders and it has a free version on WordPress repo/

4- Advanced Custom Fields

If you are looking for an easy way to add custom fields to your post types or your users, Advanced custom fields come to solve this. It is a very popular plugin and Most of the WordPress community is familiar with it. It is beginner friendly and free as well!

5- Creative Team Showcase

If you are looking for an untraditional way to display your team, creative team showcase offers very creative layouts for your team and it is a super flexible plugin.

It is fully customizable and you will have a lot of features with this plugin.