Videomaker is an Innovative Online Video Editing Solution

Video editing software has been declining in popularity as powerful browser-based solutions take the helm. Case in point-’s Videomaker is an online video editing tool unlike any other, and it has the ability to create professionally-made videos with voiceovers within seconds.

Why Use Videomaker?

All the Assets You Need

Traditional video editing is usually a multi-platform affair, as you will need to use several mediums such as images, audio clips, and videos, and add them to your software. Videomaker has an ever-expanding library of those assets in one place, thereby ensuring you get what you need without having to switch windows or tools.

Voiceover Options in Different Languages

To reach a global audience you’ll want to use a language that resonates with them. Videomaker offers high-quality voiceovers in more than ten different languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French, and more.

Smart Video Editing Tool

AI design has made video editing so much easier, and there’s no reason to switch back to manual if you want your videos to come in fast. Videomaker has a robust editing tool set for transitions, music, and voiceover, among others. When you’re done, you can export in a variety of dimensions or share with team members.

Avoid Complicated Software

Videomaker is entirely web-based and runs on a browser window. Add elements such as brand logo, font family, and color palette for smooth integration. You can save valuable storage space and time this way.

An AI-Powered Copywriting Tool to Accompany Your Videos has a copywriting tool that can generate powerful content in seconds. The AI-powered engine can run on scripts and gives you written words you can use to accompany your videos. There are zero coding skills or copywriting experience required.

Gain an edge over the competition with Videomaker. Create your videos hassle-free today!