Easy Tips to Lower Your Condo’s Energy Bills

You don’t have to spend big or devote a significant amount of time to lower your energy bills. While living in your newly bought One Sophia condo, you can try these five tips to save money and help our planet in the process.

Hunt for Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are appliances and devices that leech energy off in small amounts even when they’re turned off. Your smart TV, microwave, and coffee machine are just a few examples. As a general rule, you can unplug them when you’re not going to be using them for a long time.

Find the Right Thermostat Balance

Your AC’s thermostat regulates the temperature and keeps you and your family members comfortable. It’s simply a waste of energy if the AC is set to the coldest temperature, but there are steps you can take, adjustment-wise. Using the remote, set the temperature where you’re comfortable and leave it at that. Lower or raise the thermostat depending on the time of day, or program it if you have a smart device.

Replace Old Appliances with Modern Ones

Upgrade your main appliances if you have the budget, and you’ll get back all those expenses down the line. Today, there are energy-efficient refrigerators, air conditioners, and microwave ovens that consume a fraction of the electricity compared to their old counterparts. This goes for air conditioners, washers, and TVs.

Look at Your Energy Bill Summary

Take a look at your energy bill and see which months you spend the most on, then decide on how you can save with upgrades and additional appliances. Or, you can download an app and see which appliances are getting the most use and look for alternatives. You’ll learn more about your condo’s energy consumption and become more aware of how you’re using it.