Hiring an injury lawyer in Roseville: Don’t miss these warning signs

Whether you were bitten by a dog in Roseville or suffered the outcome of medical malpractice, you deserve to recover compensation when someone else was at fault for the mishap. Personal injury laws in California are meant to protect victims, but if you are not smart enough, you may fall for insurance tactics and end up with a low settlement. Your immediate step must be to discuss the claim with a Roseville personal injury lawyer, and if you are hiring a legal expert for the first time, here are some warning signs to watch for.

You don’t get the response you want

While injury lawyers are expectedly busy, they should take new and potential clients on priority. Call a law firm and ask for an appointment with one of their available lawyers to see the response. If you don’t get feedback or support within a day or two, consider looking for other options. Acting immediately after an accident is essential to recover evidence, and therefore, don’t wait for an attorney to make time.

You are being asked to pay for case assessment

You would want to know whether you have a strong injury case and what the claim is worth. These details will help determine whether you should proceed with the legal battle. Most law firms in Roseville don’t ask for any fee when assessing a case, but when an injury lawyer demands payment for meeting you or discussing the facts, it is an evident red flag.

You are being asked to pay an hourly rate

All injury lawyers work on a contingency fee, and that’s the norm for almost all types of cases. If you are asked to pay an hourly rate or an upfront fee, make sure that you double-check the lawyer’s expertise. The contingency fee may vary between firms, but you wouldn’t need to pay the lawyer until you recover a settlement.

The injury lawyer makes promises

While lawyers have a clear understanding of the laws and offer insights into the case, you cannot expect them to offer guarantees. If an attorney says they can fetch you a certain amount or wants you to inflate your losses to win the legal battle, they are certainly not right for you. No lawyer, no matter how long they have been practicing personal injury law, shouldn’t set wrong expectations.

Get an injury lawyer to discuss the facts and decide the future course of action accordingly.