Honda and Sony Team Up in EV Project

Carmaker and tech giants Honda and Sony will apparently be teaming up together to create an electric vehicle for consumers.

Both companies are rumored to be creating a single company that will design and sell EVs. The contract and partnership isn’t final yet, but the two agreed on a memorandum of understanding and will work to form the new company in 2022.

Honda will be tasked with creating the first EV model and handle the development, sales and design while Sony will contribute by developing the vehicle’s mobility service platform. The partnership will utilize Sony’s image sensor tech, as well as its entertainment and telecommunications capability, while Honda will lead in terms of marketing and making cars.

Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony CEO said that their purpose is to ally with Honda and build mobility spaces that are centered around adaptability, entertainment and safety. They recently showed off the Vision-S 02 electric concept car during the CES 2022.