Twitter Announces Return to Offices March 15

Twitter CEO has issued a mandate, calling its employees back to offices starting March 15 this year.

The social media company will be bringing back business travel and reopening offices March 15, according to a Twitter post by Parag Agrawal, Twitter CEO. However, Agrawal says that employees will have the option to work remotely full-time should they choose that preference.

Agrawal further added that Twitter employees can work where they feel they are at their ‘most productive and creative’, and that Twitter is okay with flexible work setups. However, in his post he listed the benefits of working in the office in terms of distributed work through events, team meetings and office visits.

Companies such as Dropbox have adopted similar stances, with virtual as the default. Office spaces are now considered ‘co-working spaces’ where employees can hold meetings while being in the same room.

In similar news, Microsoft and Google are exploring hybrid work policies where employees only need to spend a few days in the office.