How to save money on remote access software without missing out on premium quality

When it comes to software and applications, you want the best for your remote device. The wrong installation could easily catapult your device into frustrating chaos. This is why it is important to opt for a trusted company that is proven to work effectively whilst also providing a multitude of benefits. For many, Citrix is the go to choice for remote desktop software. They promote themselves as simple to use, secure and flexible. Despite these valuable benefits, Citrix is expensive. Now, many of us will happily pay a large sum to receive a product or service that meets, or even exceeds, our expectations and provides a satisfying outcome. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that splashing a significant amount of cash can create an impactful hit to a business or individual. Since working from home has become much more of a normality, the need for affordable remote access solutions is more essential than ever before.

In saying that, often the issue with budget friendly alternatives, no matter the product, is that the quality doesn’t seem to quite match up. This is what makes TSplus Remote Access all the more fascinating as a product and a service. You won’t have to worry that you’re skimping on your remote device as the features that TSplus provides are just as, if not more, exceptional. For the significantly lower price, it’s difficult to see why this wouldn’t be an optimum choice for your devices.

TSplus presents a range of features and benefits for businesses. You can create a shared remote desktop for employees or clients, deliver your app to remote users and groups, and allow thousands of remote users to access your servers and apps (to name just a few of the advantages). Not to mention the software is super easy to use and allows a secure connection from any device or browser.

The starting price is $90 which grants remote access for three users for life. It’s adaptable based on your business requirements so you can increase the user count and the available features with system upgrades. Therefore, you are not restricted to any fixed plan or features. If your business grows, TSplus can grow with it.

TSplus remains efficient with regular system updates and highly effective maintenance for necessary fixes. The development team is extremely proactive in that they are consistently monitoring Windows updates to keep TSplus up to date and compatible. Consequently, you can always feel assured that your remote access software will run smoothly and remain bug free.

They also offer a Long-Term Support licensing structure for up to three years of product support without the need to update your system to the newest version every year.

You get all this and more for just a fraction of what Citrix charges for a similar service. Head over to the TSplus Remote Access website for more information on how you can improve your remote access software today. A great product doesn’t have to cost the earth but it does have to do the job. This is why TSplus is the best alternative to Citrix for all your remote access needs.