How To Use A Commercial Telephone Entry System

Commercial property can be a great investment, but it can also be difficult to manage. There are a lot of things to consider when managing a commercial property, from the financial to the logistical. But perhaps one of the biggest challenges is managing tenants, staff, and visitors. Fortunately, there are many products that can help you with this task, including a commercial telephone entry system. Continue reading to learn more about telephone entry systems and how to use them.

What is a Telephone Entry System?

A telephone entry system is a security system that uses a telephone line to allow entry into a building. A commercial telephone entry system is set up specifically for a commercial property, such as an office building or a multifamily apartment building. The system prevents unauthorized access to the commercial building and can keep all inside the building safe, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity.

How does a Telephone entry System Work?

A telephone entry system usually consists of a base station, substation, door strike, speaker, and microphone. The base station is the main unit and is usually mounted near the entrance to the building. The substation is a smaller unit that is used to relay calls between the base station and the door strike. The door strike is a device that is attached to the door and is used to unlock it. The speaker is used to provide feedback to the person using the telephone entry system, and the microphone is used to capture the person’s voice.

A basic rundown of how a telephone entry system operates begins with the visitor approaching the commercial building and using the base station to call someone inside the building. This might be a tenant or a specific employee they want to see. The call might also be routed to a receptionist at the front desk. The base station sends a signal to the corresponding substation, which might be located in each apartment of a residential building or in the main lobby of a business building. The signal will travel via telephone wires or wirelessly via a cell network.

Once a connection is established, the visitor and the tenant or employee can communicate. The tenant or employee can then decide to let the visitor in by pressing a button that tells the base station to engage the door strike and unlock the door. If the tenant or employee does not want the visitor to come inside, they can simply end the call without pressing any button to open the door. This can prevent unwelcome guests from entering the property.

How do I Troubleshoot Common Telephone Entry System Problems?

While telephone entry systems are generally reliable, there are a few common problems that can occur. If you are having trouble getting into your building, the first thing to check is the base station. First, unplug the base station and then plug it back in. If the base station is still not working, there may be a problem with the power supply, so have an electrician come out and address the issue. You will also want to make sure that each substation is working properly and can receive signals from the base station. If there is a problem with the connection to the substations, have a technician come out and help you.

If you are having trouble getting the system to unlock the door, check the condition of the door strike and make sure that the base station is able to connect with it. If there is a good connection and you are still having issues, the problem may be with the door itself. Check for any damage or problems with the lock and have them fixed as soon as possible.

A commercial telephone entry system is a great way to manage access to your business or property. By using a telephone entry system, you can keep track of who is coming and going, and you can restrict access to authorized individuals only.