Is HBOT Real or A Scam?

The world has remained divided over the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Some people believe it is effective, whereas people in the other camp don’t share the same sentiments. The information online regarding HBOT are of mixed perspectives. So, it helps to get your information from reliable sources that dig deep into the subject. Avoid reading materials that only scratch the surface.

That is why this post will be explaining hyperbaric oxygen therapy from various angles. This will enable you decide for yourself if the therapy is worth subscribing to or not. Hop on board and let’s get started right away.

HBOT Definition

You cannot appreciate hyperbaric oxygen therapy without knowing what it is. That is why we are starting with its definition. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT is about inhaling purified oxygen within a pressurized space. Unlike the atmospheric oxygen, the oxygen inside an HBOT chamber has been made 98% pure.

The pure oxygen becomes effective in the user’s bloodstream when it is driven by increased pressure. That is the basic concept behind this therapy. For safety reasons, the pressure is kept at a maximum of 3 ATP, depending on the HBOT chamber brand and model you are using.

Perfect for A Couple of Illnesses

HBOT has now gotten approval as a support therapy for a number of health anomalies. Let’s get one thing clear; HBOT is not a treatment option on its own. This is where a lot of people have gotten it wrong.

After series of testing, HBOT has gotten FDA approval as a therapy for some sicknesses. A good example are wounds that refused to heal. If you apply regular treatments to an injury and it is not healing, HBOT can be of help. Do not underestimate the power of increased atmospheric pressure and pure oxygen.

As a precaution though, it is best you discuss with a health professional before accessing a hyperbaric oxygen chamber .

HBOT is Suitable for All Age Groups

It is also important to state that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not reserved for any specific age group. Both young and old people can use HBOT. According to experts, it does not harm the body in any way. The condition is that you must apply it according to instructions.

Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to using HBOT chambers to ensure a healthier lifestyle.

Increases Supply of Blood Oxygen

Oxygen is the main reason for our existence today. Without oxygen, it will be impossible to live on the earth’s surface. The job of HBOT is that it makes more oxygen readily available to all your body tissues and cells. The 100% pure oxygen makes the user to be more lively. The increased atmospheric pressure spurs the body tissues to absorb more oxygen.

HBOT is perfect for people struggling with their breathing. You can think of it as an advanced form of oxygen therapy. The only difference is that it does other functions. Better your health today by accessing an HBOT chamber.

Is it illegal to Use HBOT?

The simple answer to the above question is no! Currently, there is no law that stipulates any penalty for using HBOT chambers. It is true that the authorities were highly skeptical about the efficacy of HBOT, which explains why it is only recommended for diving-related sicknesses. That was the case then.

But all of that has changed today. The authorities have now realized how powerful the therapy is. So, the regulations regarding HBOT have been well adjusted. In a nutshell, it is not wrong to use or invest in HBOT chambers in 2023.

Monoplace or Multiplace HBOT Chambers – Which is Best?

Monoplace and Multiplace HBOT chambers are designed to achieve the same purpose with slightly different features. There is really nothing like one being the best. They are designed for different audience.

One is for private use and the other is for multiple users. Multiplace HBOT chambers can contain more than one person at a time. They are very common in health facilities and fitness centers. Most homeowners go for Monoplace chambers because of privacy.

So, whether you will go for a Multiplace chamber or a Monoplace chamber will depend on some factors, chief of which is what you hope to achieve. Look at the features of both chambers to enable you make the right decision.

Any Side Effects of HBOT?

Anyone telling you that HBOT has zero side effects is only deceiving you. In this life, nothing is 100% perfect. There is always a downside for using anything. The question is that how negative are the cons of HBOT?

No serious side effects have been reported so far for the recent models of HBOT chambers. Besides making users feel dizzy and fatigued, there is nothing much to worry about. It is even expected that any dizziness felt inside an HBOT chamber normally wears away in days or weeks.

Many of the severe side effects talked about in most online publications are not true. Having said that, it is recommended that you use HBOT chambers under the supervision of experts. This is important if you are using it to support treatment for a certain health challenge.

The Benefits of HBOT

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has numerous benefits. We have talked about one of them during the beginning of the post. It can be used to heal almost any type of wound. Hospitals recommend it to their patients struggling with wounds that are hard to heal.

Other benefits include attaining fitness, anti-aging, and effective for fighting bacterial infections. You should look up other benefits online because they are many.


Forget about what you may have heard; hyperbaric oxygen therapy is real. It works. You can go online and verify that for yourself. There are several testimonials to that effect. Investing in HBOT chambers is not a bad idea. We have also established that it is safe and legal to use HBOT chambers. That is why health sectors from remote locations are gradually adopting it for treating certain illnesses.