Latest Tech Inventions to Make Pet Living in Condos Better

Technology has not just benefitted humans but their best friends as well. If you’re looking to enrich your pet’s life even when you’re not around, try these five tech products or gadgets in your Union Square Residences condo.

Smart Food Dispenser

Feeding your pet has become easier with modern accessories. Even when you are away or busy you can feed your pets using your phone with just one press of a button, where you can activate the food dispenser and make sure that your pets don’t miss a meal. Some smart food dispensers allow you to record your voice to get your dogs excited in real-time for their meal.

Automatic Fetch Toy

The automatic fetch toy is for dogs who love to play this game while allowing pet parents a break from tossing and all the bending. Your pets can get their daily exercise even when you are busy at work, away, or doing other tasks with the interactive toy.

CCTV for Pets

With the CCTV for pets, you can watch over them on your phone for your peace of mind and their safety. You can also talk to them from the camera and check in to see what they are up to while you’re away or when you miss them.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking collars allow you to keep tabs on your pet’s whereabouts without fear of losing them. You can track them on your smartphone connected to the collar’s GPS and follow the path it has set to locate your pet.

Smart Potty System

The smart potty system is a reliable solution for dogs as it gives them the freedom to go potty and cleans it up automatically. It is quite useful when you can’t make it home yet to let your pet out and during bad weather days. What’s more, it’s a hassle-free way for the owner to train their pet. Instead of cleaning up everywhere in the house, they can collect the waste inside a bin in the automated potty system and simply clear the potty system.