Level Up Your Hiring: Powerful Coding Assessments with HackerEarth

HackerEarth’s coding assessment platform makes tech hiring more efficient. It lets you test candidates’ coding skills with tough challenges. After each test, a leaderboard shows who did the best, making it easier for recruiters to find top talent.

The platform has over 17,000 questions on 900+ skills, so you can create precise tests without being a tech expert. It also includes project-style questions that mimic real work tasks. Plus, it ensures tests are fair with strong proctoring.

Streamline Tech Recruitment with HackerEarth’s Coding Assessment Platform

HackerEarth’s assessment tool makes tech recruitment easy. You can make coding tests fast. Just upload a job description. Then, see and judge developers’ abilities quickly. A list of top scorers helps you find the best and speed up hiring.

The platform has 17,000 questions and 900+ skills. This lets you check developers well. It supports over 40 programming languages. So, candidates have a good testing experience.

It uses AI to make tests from job requirements. This makes recruiting smoother. The tool works well and connects with many Applicant Tracking Systems.

With HackerEarth, hiring faster and smarter is possible. It gives you key insights. This way, you can keep improving your hiring and have a strong team.

Eliminate Bias and Ensure Fair Assessments

HackerEarth’s coding assessment platform hides personal details of candidates. This helps fight against unfair bias. So, when you review candidates, you only see their technical skills. This is important because it prevents decisions from being swayed by things like gender or age. The platform also has systems in place to stop cheating, keeping the assessments fair and unbiased.

Still, women are a small part of the tech industry, making up only about 25% of the workforce. And, more women leave these jobs than men. HackerEarth works to give everyone a fair chance. By choosing the best person for the job based on skill, they hope to level the playfield for all fair hiring.

Deloitte found that many people feel the impact of bias at work. A lot say it makes them less productive and less happy. By not showing personal info, HackerEarth helps companies find top talent without falling into these traps. This means they can hire the best, regardless of who they are.

Enhance Developer Experience with User-Friendly Features

HackerEarth Assessments aim to make the coding experience engaging and smooth. Developers can work in over 40 programming languages. They can also use a real-time code editor. Plus, the assessments integrate with Jupyter Notebooks. This makes the whole testing process fair, accurate, and fun for developers.

The platform provides a vast library of 17,000 questions in 900+ skills. It supports coding in many languages. This flexibility lets candidates show their best work in their favorite languages. Thus, it meets the exact needs of open positions. This makes the experience great for both candidates and hiring teams.

Moreover, HackerEarth lets hiring managers set the test’s difficulty. They can adjust the tests to fit the job’s specific skills and competencies. This customization feature is user-friendly and adaptable. It ensures a positive experience for candidates. It also helps companies attract top talent.

Gain Comprehensive Insights into Candidates’ Performance

HackerEarth’s assessment platform offers detailed reports on each candidate’s coding skills. It features a code replay option to understand their abilities better. The platform’s dashboard gives data-based tips to improve your coding tests and make better hiring choices. This helps you create a top-notch recruitment process.

By using HackerEarth’s insights, you’ll choose better during hiring. The platform’s reports and analytics help spot top talent. You’ll find how to refine your coding tests and enhance your hiring plans.

HackerEarth values clear, data-based actions. It helps you learn about every candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. With this, you make a stronger and smarter hiring process that always picks the right people for your team.

Coding Assessment Platform Built for Enterprises

HackerEarth is a top-notch coding test platform for businesses. It ensures the highest levels of security, compliance, and scalability. It is the go-to platform for top companies, offering features like GDPR compliance and EEOC support. This means it can help businesses of any size, from small startups to big firms.

The platform is perfect for serious tech hiring. It has a massive library of questions for over 900 skills. This feature lets companies make jobs specific coding tests. With over 40 programming languages supported, it offers a smooth experience for developers.

HackerEarth is also super secure. It uses smart methods like facial recognition for online tests. This stops cheating and makes sure tests are fair. Plus, it meets GDPR rules and supports ethical hiring practices.

With almost perfect uptime and easy integration with other hiring tools, HackerEarth is dependable. It supports better hiring decisions with its smart insights. This helps companies improve their tech hiring processes overall.

Why Choose HackerEarth over Alternatives?

HackerEarth is a leading name in the coding assessment field. It offers varied assessments and a strong AI system. This ensures accurate evaluation. It works well with ATS and offers plagiarism checks. These tools keep the hiring process fair. With flexible prices and great support, it’s a top choice for tailored hiring needs.

This platform has a vast library of over 17,000 questions across many skills. It surpasses rivals like Codility and Mercer Mettl. The wide range of questions lets you create tests that truly test your candidates’ skills. This platform also supports 40+ programming languages, making assessment truly inclusive.

Codility offers a lot but can be complicated and expensive. HackerEarth is easy to use at different price points. It’s good for all sizes of companies. It includes strong proctoring features, like copy-paste lock and full-screen mode, to ensure integrity.

HackerEarth is also known for its great support. It offers expert-test creation and product training. They even provide a dedicated customer success manager. Their support helps companies hire faster and better, making HackerEarth stand out in the field.

Customer Testimonials: Trusted by Leading Companies

HackerEarth’s coding assessment platform is praised by top companies. It offers a fair chance for all candidates to showcase their technical abilities in recruitment. Companies enjoy creating custom tests and using detailed analytics. These features help them find and hire the best talent.

Andela uses HackerEarth’s platform for judging technical skills. They find that the assessments match real-life challenges. This saves time for developers as it automatically grades coding tasks.

The platform creates detailed reports that highlight candidate skills. This speeds up teams’ efforts to improve their hiring processes. It provides a test environment that’s both realistic and captivating for developers.

HackerEarth’s tools also include code review features. These tools check code against benchmarks and for originality. Code playback and pair-programming sessions help in-depth assessments of developers’ problem-solving skills.


HackerEarth’s coding platform makes tech hiring easy and finds top talent. It offers a smooth, fair, and friendly testing experience. This helps businesses make strong teams and improve results. With advanced insights and features, HackerEarth is the best for coding assessments.

The platform aims to make assessments fair by being unbiased and easy to use. It gives detailed insights on performance. This makes it a leading choice in the hackerearth coding assessment field. Companies using it can attract great developers and improve their tech teams.

With the tech world changing fast, knowing how to code is super important. HackerEarth’s platform helps in finding the best minds. Partnering with HackerEarth gives companies an advantage. It helps improve their tech hiring and overall success for the long run.