Top 5 Web App Development Software

To build a web app is to build your dreams. And with this web app development software, you will have to worry about your expertise. You can build your web app with ease yet sophistication. Sure, you can customize more if you have the assistance of a web application development company that can work with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

So, with no compromise, let’s check the list of web application development software. 


It is the most popular (and perfect) web app builder. It has both free and paid plans, for business and personal blogs. Regarded as one of the easiest web app builder software, it is great for the long run. In WordPress, you can build the app in seconds viz. provided by most of the web hosting sites – a single click installer. However, the learning curve of WordPress is a bit difficult but the results are unimaginably elegant. In short, it makes life easier.

Let’s look at the specifications of WordPress:

  • A free version – is available, however, the pro comes with a minimum cost of $4-$25 per month.
  • Difficulty – easy to hard, it varies on how you are using it. 
  • Installation – easy to install.
  • Features – unlimited features available.
  • Templates – you can take the aid of custom web application development services, but for beginners, free templates are also available.


Webflow is a no-code web app software. So if you want to get started with web designing and you have no coding knowledge, you don’t have to worry at all. A simple drag and drop software, that offers several features and automation to make your web app look smart. It also offers a free demonstration so that you can check and decide if you want to go with it. 

Let’s look at the specifications of Webflow:

  • Free version – just like WordPress, a free version is available. The paid version is $144–420 USD annually.
  • Difficulty – easy because it requires no coding.
  • User Interface – drag and drop with minimum to no coding knowledge. 
  • Cross-platform – It is cross-platform in the true sense. 
  • Features – available in the template.


If you are in the software development industry you must have heard about Wix. It is one of the most preferred web app development software that comes with the open of manual web designing too. 

Let’s look at the specifications of Wix:

  • Free version – free version is available. However, paid plan ranges from $16 to $59.
  • Difficulty – Wix is one of the easiest web app development software.
  • Storage range – 500MB to unlimited.
  • Blogging tools – there are several blogging tools in Wix.
  • User Interface – you can hire a web app development company and custom build the web app or use the templates available. 

Adobe Dreamweaver

When it comes to web app designs, how can we leave Adobe? Adobe Dreamweaver quickly creates web app pages with its tech-savvy tools. It creates responsive web designs from automation to transition in cursor movements. It supports HTML5 too if you are an advanced web app developer. 

Let’s look at the specifications of Adobe Dreamweaver:

  • Free version – unfortunately it is not free. It is US$20.99 per month.
  • Difficulty – Dreamweaver is a bit difficult to practice if you are a beginner. 
  • UI/UX Management – one-click changes and implementation.
  • User Interface – with the help of web developers and designers you can make your web with Dreamweaver aesthetically pleasing. 

Visual Studio

It is a web app development platform from Microsoft. Though not as popular as the rest of the listed software, Visual Studio is customizable and fully free. Visual Studio Code can help make the process less painful by providing a dedicated platform for coding.

Let’s look at the specifications of Visual Studio:

  • Free version – as mentioned already, it is completely free.
  • Difficulty – Visual Studio is easy to use for experienced developers but quite advanced too.
  • Integrations – customizable and loads of integration.
  • Beginner friendly – not so much and the learning curve is not so easy either. 

Conclusion on Web App Software 

Analyze your genuine needs before choosing the best web development software for you. Budget software alternatives might occasionally be limited in the range of capabilities they offer, but higher-end software can truly accommodate all needs, so make sure you have a clear notion of the functionality you might require.

You should also decide if you want to link up with a third-party network or if you’re developing a website to host whether for personal use or business. Consider the level of skill as well. The better the experience and expertise the better will be your web app.