What to Do When You Forget an Assignment

Either you forgot to do the assignment and the deadline is so very close, or you completely forgot and the deadline passed. Don’t start beating yourself up for forgetfulness just yet. We understand how daunting it can be to keep track of academic activities especially when the assignment was given at the beginning of the semester with an extended due date.

We at EssayBrother understand your plight too well and we have written this article just for you. So, whether you are in a hurry to beat a stringent deadline or the deadline has passed you still want to try your luck, read the whole of this article so that you are better equipped to make the right decision. You can trust us because EssayBrother is the best college essay writing service you could possibly find on the web.

What to do if you forgot to submit an assignment and the deadline is passed

So, the deadline has passed? Not to worry. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you do not miss the marks assigned to the assignment anyway.

1. Inform the professor about it with good reason

It would be advisable to do this before the due date passes so that it does not give the impression that you were negligent. And have a good reason for your lateness in submission. You should remember that your professors are human too and they want you to succeed. You can send an email to that effect, endeavoring to sound as polite and contrite as possible. Remember you are trying to appeal to his/her humanity. However, it may be much more brilliant to go see the professor in person so that you can appeal your case with no reason for misconceptions.

When informing the professor of your reason for lateness, apart from being polite, bear in mind the following

  1. Give tenable reasons. Don’t just give reasons, it must be a good enough reason to warrant the lateness. Excuses like illness or family emergencies can be much more readily forgiven than simply saying you forgot.
  2. Don’t push the blame. Taking responsibility for your tardiness is a good way to show that you are responsible and not a truant. Sometimes when you have a good reason, the fact that you are not taking responsibility for your actions might make the professor feel like teaching you a lesson that will impart your CGPA. So, take responsibility and be contrite.
  3. Remember to say there will not be a repeat of tardiness. Making a habit out of tardiness is not a good thing. So, a promise of not repeating the lateness could earn you a bit more favor with the professor.

2. Submit anyway

Even though the deadline is passed, if the platform for submission is still open, you can go ahead and submit anyway. It is less dangerous to turn in your assignment after the deadline has passed than to not submit it at all. Of course, there could be a penalty for late submission but it cannot be as terrible as not turning it in. Another way is that if you have informed your professor about the reasons that you may not be able to submit as at when due but he is insisting you do, go ahead and submit whatever you have in the meantime. As said earlier, it is better to submit something than to be marked absent.

3. Ask the professor for a deadline extension

Asking for an extension is not a crime. You should just send an email to the professor or meet him in person to request an official extension. Some schools may require you to write the examination board to ask for an extension. So, find out which applies to your school and go for it. Most often, when you have a good enough reason to ask for the extension, you would be granted the extension so far you do not make it a habit of always turning in your papers late.

Top reasons you can give for not meeting an assignment deadline

To help you get the extension or the saving grace you need to turn in that assignment anyway, here are a few tenable excuses you can give to your professor for being tardy. Remember, you have to be convincing in your approach to make it acceptable.

  • Illness or accident – if you are ill and you have a doctor’s report, the chances are quite high that you would be given an extension or waiver for not turning up for the assignment on time. It would be wickedness on the part of the professor to expect you to do an assignment while on a sick bed.
  • Family emergencies – you could have family emergencies like a death in the family, a family member getting sick and hospitalized, you have to cater to your baby or sick parent because the caregiver did not show up, or any other related thing. Such cases are tenable reasons for not submitting an assignment when it was due.
  • Got deadlines mixed up – there could be many assignments to submit around the same period and getting deadlines mixed up is not something far fetched. So, if that happens to you, you can seek an extension from your professor, especially if you are almost done with it.
  • Power outage – on the rare occasion that this occurs, it is usually newsworthy. In such cases, presenting a power outage as a reason for late submission of an assignment is good as there will not be electricity to power your laptop which is quite understandable.

What to do if the deadline for an assignment is too close for you to meet up

For some reason, you may have forgotten that the assignment is due and when you do realize, the time for submission is so near there is no hope of meeting up. What then do you do?

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1.     Is there a penalty for late submission of assignments?

Of course. Being penalized for late submission of assignments serves as a deterrent to other students not to be so tardy as well. Penalties usually come in the form of losing some credits or not getting the full mark you truly deserve. That is why it is important to do your assignment as soon as it is given and turn it in on time too.

2.     Will missing the submission for an assignment impact my grade?

If the marks awarded to that assignment is huge, for example, a term paper, be sure that your grade will be affected. That is because failure to submit means that you are losing that chunk of the mark. It will even be more pronounced if that course requires no other form of grading systems like a test or exam. So, all you would be banking on is attendance which usually carries low marks.

3.     How often can I miss a submission deadline before being penalized?

Making a habit out of late submission is not something you want to be a part of your resume in the university system. Most often, professors will allow you one time of grace and thereafter you may be severely penalized. Therefore, it will be advisable that you endeavor to turn in your assignment when due as often as possible to avoid such.

4.     Will my professor know if I seek help on my assignment?

Unless you have been known for a particular writing style, your professor can’t be absolutely sure that you have help with your assignment. However, to avoid any suspicion, you could go through the assignment and make minimal modifications in your own words before the final submission.

5.     Is it legal to use a writing service for a university paper?

There is no law against seeking writing help especially when you cannot avoid it. This is why established authors and bloggers seek out ghostwriters all the time. The most important thing is that you could request a particular writing style to ensure that what is being written on your behalf is as close as possible to what you would have written if you got the chance.

6.     How can I get the motivation to write a missing assignment?

Well, the first motivation should be that you do not want to fail the course. So, even if you are feeling lazy or the subject matter is just too difficult for you to comprehend, talk less about writing something worthwhile on it, the best way to be motivated is to start somewhere. Even if it makes no sense yet, by the time you write a few lines, probably write an outline, going through repositories of articles on similar topics can propel you along. Before you know it, you would have a fully-fledged article that is ready for submission.