What You Should Know About Bremer Bay Killer Whales?

Right off the shore of a little town on Western Australia’s south coast every summer, the southern hemisphere’s greatest gathering of Bremer Bay killer whales congregate for a feeding frenzy feast. So, when you want to watch killer whales in one of the greatest settings in the world, go to Bremer Bay, Western Australia.

Seeing these fantastic apex predators in their native surroundings, which can only be seen on a specialised boat excursion, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one of the finest things to do. Continue reading if you want to go whale watching Busselton WA, with killer whales!

What Are Killer Whales?

Killer whales, sometimes known as Orcinus orca, are dolphins. A male orca may weigh up to 10,000kg and get to a length of about 10 metres, making them the biggest member of the dolphin species. The name killer whale is derived from the phrase whale killer, which was from the ancient mariners because they kill and consume whales and other marine animals. The name was then changed to a killer whale.

Despite their frightening moniker, wild orcas have never murdered a person in their native surroundings. Their food consists mainly of fish, seals, whales, and squid. Orcas are the ocean’s apex predators because they have no natural predators and do not hunt each other.

Where Is Bremer Bay, And Why Is It Known For Its Killer Whales?

Bremer Bay is a tiny fishing village on Western Australia’s south coast, between Albany and Esperance, in the Great Southern Area. It’s located 500 km southeast of Perth and 180 kilometres east of Albany. Furthermore, during the warmer season, the Bremer Canyon, an undersea canyon on the corner of the continental shelf approximately 50 km offshore from Bremer Bay, is home to a distinctive colony of roughly 200 orcas.

Bremer Bay has the highest number of orcas in the southern hemisphere. The orcas go to the Southern water in great numbers during the summer months to feed because the water is rich in food. These orcas are considered the world’s healthiest because of the wide range of food available. The primary food source of Bremer Bay killer whales is beaked whale and giant squid, which are both abundant in the area.

When Is The Best Time To See the Bremer BayKiller Whales?

Boat cruises to witness the spectacular and easily recognised white and black orcas in Bremer Canyon operate daily from January to mid-April. Individuals travel from all over the globe to visit, and the orca trips have helped to place Bremer Bay on the map. Orca tours are unavailable for the remainder of the year, but you may view the Southern Right Whale migration from July to November. Meanwhile, when you wish to go on a killer whale trip, you should go between January and mid-April!

What Can You Expect On The Bremer Bay Killer Whale Expedition?

Make sure to go to the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour at 7.45 a.m. and prepare to board at 8 a.m. The boat will leave at 8.30 a.m. following the required safety instructions, then prepare for a fun day on the sea. It will take much longer to reach the hotspot based on the orca distance of the Bremer Bay feeding ground region you will go to. As a result, you may utilised this time to assist yourself with tea and cookies, see the TV screens that provide an instructive explanation of the orcas, their traits, and behaviour, or read books at the front of the boat that provides additional information regarding orcas.

Try sitting outside at the rear of the boat and gaze out at the horizon. Just know that it’s a turbulent boat trip with strong waves. Numerous individuals will feel seasick, even those who do not usually have motion sickness. When you require a little rest, several places provide an outdoor day bed on the balcony below. Staff will provide commentary on marine life while you search for it, and they will provide excellent food and beverages for you to enjoy.

5 Tips to Help You In Your Bremer Bay Killer Whale Watching Busselton WA

  • Take anti-seasickness medication with you and take it before boarding the boat. Please don’t undervalue this boat trip. When you do not want to take sleepy seasickness medicines, you may take ginger tablets instead, which are non-drowsy.
  • When you’re feeling queasy, go outside and sit at the rear of the boat, facing the horizon.
  • If you are late, the boat will not wait for you.
  • Wear shoes and clothes that are comfortable and properly secured so you can move about the boat effortlessly.
  • Keep an eye out for seabirds, which are generally a vital sign that orcas are around since they are scavenging off the food leftovers left behind after the hunt.

In Summary

You may enjoy a fantastic day with the orcas in Bremer Bay. There are many of these species to witness, and it will undoubtedly be the highlight of your vacation to Bremer Bay killer whales. Seeing this historic event and watching these gorgeous animals in their natural habitat is an incredible pleasure.