3 Low-Stress Online Games to Try

Despite news and videos of people throwing their game controllers in a fit of rage, there are games that are actually relaxing and won’t induce such behavior. If you just want to chill, here are 3 online games we’d recommend.

Online Slots

Playing a slots game like สล็อต is so relaxing, and time usually passes by so quickly that you’ll find all your stress gone. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to play slots- just tap or click the lever, watch the reel and wait for it to fall in place. If you’re lucky enough then you get into a free spin round or land the jackpot and take home massive cash prizes.

You can play without any consequences, or bet into the game for greater thrill and excitement. For the latter it’s recommended that you play only on reputable casino platforms and websites.

Coloring Games

Coloring games aren’t technically games but they’re popular pastimes and can occupy you for hours on end.

There’s quite a lot of coloring apps and ‘games’ on mobile platforms, and there are a dozen or so websites that allow online coloring as well. You can even print them on paper and color with crayons or colored pencils if you prefer.

Bigger might be better when you’re coloring, and thus you’ll want to play on a larger display, such as a tablet or a computer.

Idle Games

Idle games are a genre where players only have to do minimal interaction. These online games are designed to play itself- just open the game, collect the rewards and continue with your progress.

This type of game is not just low-stress but can also be played in the background. You can let it run while you’re doing house chores or tending to your garden, and even when you’re working or eating.