A Discreet, Stylish, and Lightweight Bulletproof Vest Delivers High Safety To The Civilians & World Leaders 

The recent shooting of the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, during his election campaign in July 2022, has shaken the world. This incident has augmented fear amongst the citizens on a global platform and has led to an increase in security in the country and on a global platform. 

According to the Small Arms Survey, a global organization that monitors the movement of weapons stated that only 0.6 people per 100 people own guns in Japan, in comparison to 6.2 in the United Kingdom and 88.8 in the United States. This figure is staggering. 

The 35th President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, and the Baptist Minister of the United States, Martin Luther King Jr. were also a victim of gun violence.  

On May 30, 2022, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced to tighten Canada’s already stringent gun laws to protect citizens from gun violence. 

Despite the high level of security arranged for and by the world leaders, it has become a critical aspect to wear a bulletproof vest to protect themselves from unknown and unexpected bullets.    

 While the concern for the safety of the world leaders is questioned among people, then how can we promise the civilians’ safety?  

BBC News reported that according to CDC data, murders accounted for 43% of fatalities in 2020, totaling 19,384 persons. The statistic indicates a rise of 34% from 2019 and a 75% increase over the preceding ten years.

The statistics show that in the US, a firearm claims the lives of close to 53 individuals per day.

The research also reveals that 79 percent of killings were committed with firearms. That is a far higher percentage of homicides than is typical in several other nations, including Canada, Australia, England, and Wales. 

The highest proportion of children killed by firearms occurs in Washington, DC, where 10.8% of fatalities among those under 20 are due to gun violence. Guns are responsible for 10.2% and 9.8%, respectively, of child fatalities in Illinois and Louisiana, which are notable exceptions.

The United States economy could expand its GDP per capita by roughly $80 if firearm-related fatalities were reduced, according to research by the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development of the United Nations Development Program.

This is where FURTIV steps in with its elite bulletproof vest built from cutting-edge technology, focused on delivering a high degree of protection to the people at all times. Lightweight, modular, versatile, and durable, the vest can be worn throughout the day with ease.

FURTIV has been curated from Protecop’s patented 3A Honeywell and Kevlar bulletproof materials and is aesthetically pleasing. It also includes a power bank and a discreet GPS tracker. The GPS tracker provides an update of the precise location every 2 minutes on abduction without warning the abductors. Also, in a sticky situation, the power bank allows the wearer to charge the phone instantly.

Nicholas Bert, the founder of FURTIV says, “FURTIV is the perfect example of technology at the service of collective safety.” 

Bert has vast experience in working with big media groups before commencing his brand of protective clothing. Thus, he was inspired to give birth to FURTIV with a vision to protect the civilians primarily. 

FURTIV is raising funds to reach a global platform and the interested investors can support the platform at INDIEGOGO.

FURTIV vest is the pragmatic and unparallel result of years of Research and Development. Working with security experts, creators of bulletproof materials, and designers finally resulted in the curation of the product. In addition to protecting civilians, this vest is an apt tool to protect world leaders while making a fashion statement. Pleasing to the eyes and delivering safety and security 24/7, FURTIV is creating a name for itself by disrupting the industry already.