How to Use Coin Mixing Service and Bitcoin Tumbler

What is cryptocurrency mixing?

Cryptocurrency mixing, also known as “tumbler” or “bitcoin mixing service,” is a process of blending possibly identifiable or “contaminated” cryptocurrency funds with other funds, making it difficult to trace the funds back to their original source. It is used to help protect the privacy of cryptocurrency users by allowing them to obscure the source of their coins and making it difficult for people or companies with malicious intentions to trace the coins. Bitcoin mining is not illegal; however, it carries a significant amount of risk.

Users of mixing services typically have to send a certain amount of cryptocurrency, which is then mixed with a master node and sent back to the user. This process usually takes around 10 minutes. Users can also mix their coins using CoinJoin, which requires downloading the Electrum or Armory wallets, in addition to mixing services. Users can also buy bitcoins with cash and then use the combined coins to make online purchases of goods and services.

What are the benefits of using a cryptocurrency mixing service?

1. Anonymity

Using a cryptocurrency mixing service helps to maintain user anonymity by scrambling coins from different users to break the traceable chain of information and make it impossible to identify the original Bitcoin wallet used to deposit the coins. All transactions are anonymous; no personal information is provided to the website, and all transactions are combined to make the coins untraceable. This gives users the peace of mind to transact with cryptocurrencies without worrying about the vulnerability of their data because it gives them the assurance that their funds and privacy are protected.

2. Privacy

By hiding the origin and final destination of their funds, users can better protect their privacy by using a cryptocurrency mixing service like This makes it more challenging for bad actors to follow and examine a user’s financial transactions. Users can also set their preferred fees, which affect how much privacy they get. The transaction will be more secure the higher the fee. Additionally, using a mixing service stops outside businesses from getting access to a user’s personal data in order to tailor their advertising. In the end, it protects a user and their data from malicious online attacks. Therefore, cryptocurrency mixers are necessary for anyone looking to protect their privacy in the digital age.

3. Safety

Compared to other options, using a cryptocurrency mixing service like Coinomize can offer a significantly higher level of security. In order to store coins securely during the mixing process and automatically remove personal order details after it is finished, it offers a combination of cutting-edge security measures like multi-signature wallets, cold storage, and two-factor authentication. Additionally, Coinomize gives users the option to choose their own fees between 1.5% and 5%, which can further boost transaction security because higher fees will make transactions more secure.

Using a bitcoin blender, like Coinomize, keeps participants from knowing the actual send amount, output, and receiving address for upcoming transactions, which is another effective method of defending transaction history against blockchain analysis. This feature is particularly crucial for cryptocurrency users who value their privacy because it makes sure that the user’s real identity and information remain anonymous.

Overall, utilizing a cryptocurrency mixing service can support a safe, private transaction and safeguard an individual’s identity.

4. Evasion of taxes

By severing the traceable chain of data connected to a user’s Bitcoin address, using a cryptocurrency mixing service can aid in tax evasion. By preventing other participants from knowing the true send amount and receiving address for future transactions, the user’s transaction history is protected against blockchain analysis, and their identity is kept hidden from the government, thus making it more difficult for them to be tracked and taxed.

5. Ability to send large amounts of money

A cryptocurrency mixing service can help with sending large amounts of money by providing an additional layer of privacy and security. By mixing your coins with those of thousands of other users in a huge mix pool, it becomes virtually impossible to trace the original wallet used to deposit the coins. Additionally, the service enables users to select an output they are in control of and shields participants’ knowledge of the real send amount and receiving address for upcoming transactions. This makes it much harder for malicious actors to track and associate data that could put your funds and privacy at risk.

6. Enhanced fungal viability

By allowing users to break the connection between their initial wallet and their destination wallet and making it impossible to determine the coins’ original source, using a cryptocurrency mixing service promotes fungibility. This stops any outside party from accessing personal information and following the user’s transactions. Additionally, this makes sure that personal data is deleted automatically after the mixing process is finished and that coins are securely stored during that time. His increased security and privacy help to ensure the currency is more fungible, meaning it can be more easily exchanged, traded, and exchanged for goods and services.

7. Having access to less traceable cryptocurrencies

Accessing cryptocurrencies that are more difficult to trace is made possible by using a cryptocurrency mixing service like Coinomize. Mixing services, also known as Bitcoin blenders or mixers, allow users to send and receive cryptocurrency anonymously by severing the tracable link between the original wallet used to deposit the coins and the transaction itself. Send the coins to a number of other users, then send them back to a different address to achieve this. This process has two advantages because the user’s personal information is not provided to the website: it makes it difficult to track the transaction and also offers anonymity. It is consequently much more challenging to track and link data that could endanger the user’s finances and privacy. As a result, using a cryptocurrency mixing service is a great way to preserve one’s privacy and gain access to harder-to-track cryptocurrencies.

By preserving user privacy and identity, using a cryptocurrency mixing service aids in legitimizing cryptocurrency use. It is challenging to identify the original Bitcoin wallet that was used to deposit the coins due to the mixing process, which combines various bitcoin transactions. It is challenging to identify the original Bitcoin wallet that was used to deposit the coins because the mixing process combines different bitcoin transactions. Users can use cryptocurrencies more easily as a result without having to worry about being watched or targeted. Additionally, it aids in preventing governments or other third parties from monitoring user transactions. These services are also appealing to regular users who merely want to protect their privacy because of the affordable costs and quick transactions they provide. By allowing users to conduct transactions in an anonymous and secure manner, cryptocurrency mixing services encourage the use of cryptocurrencies as a recognized medium of exchange and payment.

9. Protection from thieves and hackers

By severing the connection between the original Bitcoin wallet used to deposit the coins and the recipient’s wallet and rendering it impossible for anyone to trace the transaction back to the user, using a cryptocurrency mixing service can help protect against hackers and thieves. Users can feel secure and at ease knowing that their money and privacy are protected from prying eyes thanks to this. Additionally, the service provides features like the ability to choose different power settings for maximum anonymity, safeguard users’ personal information, and keep other users from finding out where the coins are sent or the actual amount sent.

10. Practicality

Utilizing a cryptocurrency mixing service makes it convenient for users to quickly and affordably mix their coins. It is user-friendly, with an intuitive layout and a modern, clean design. Additionally, for maximum anonymity, (, offers flexibility in terms of fees and poweIn addition, Coinomize offers 24/7 customer service for any questions or concerns customers may have about their products. Users can count on this dependable support to respond quickly and offer wise advice when necessary. culties. Finally, Coinomize’s military-grade encryption and no-logs policy provide added safety and privacy for users, allowing them to remain anonymous while using the service.

What are the steps on how to use Coinomize coin mixer and bitcoin tumbler?

Step 1: Visit the website

Visit the website if you want to mix cryptocurrencies safely and anonymously. Users can easily locate the data they need on Coinomize thanks to its straightforward layout and modern, minimalistic design. Additionally, it offers helpful advice on how to mix their cryptocurrencies, explains the process step-by-step, and offers customer support around-the-clock. Users can choose the time delay and fees, as well as send any amount of cryptocurrency to the mixer through this platform. The platform will mix all the coins with those of other users and send them back to the wallet address in one transaction with no identifying information attached, erasing all traces of the original transactions and rendering it impossible to track back any funds connected to the user after sending the coins to the specific Coinomize deposit address.

Step 2: Start mixing Bitcoins

Combining Bitcoins with Coinomize only involves a few straightforward steps. To begin, you must have a Tor browser open and create a new wallet with a provider of your choice. It is best to use an open-source wallet on your computer that can also be used offline. In order to mix Bitcoins, you must first send them to the first wallet. There shouldn’t be any transactions in this wallet, and it shouldn’t be connected to you in any way. Avoid sending Bitcoin directly from your primary wallet; instead, use a temporary wallet (first wallet).

Thirdly, construct a surrogate wallet which will later be given the amalgamated Bitcoins by typing in the Onion Domain address of your chosen Bitcoin mixer (for example Enter this second wallet’s Bitcoin withdrawal address for it to receive freshly blended Bitcoin once ready.

Fourth, transfer your Bitcoin to the mixer and wait patiently for a blockchain confirmation. When this is done, Bitcoin Blender will dispatch newly mixed coins directly into your secondary wallet.

Finally, you can now use the second wallet to pay for products online, withdraw the bitcoins to your bank account via an exchange, or send them to other people.

That’s it! You have successfully mixed your bitcoins with Coinomize.

Step 3: Enjoy anonymity

By severing the informational trail that can be traced back to a specific Bitcoin address, the use of a coin mixer and bitcoin tumbler In order to break the connection between the original wallet and the coins that were transferred there, Coinomize offers a quick and precise service for mixing Bitcoin. e transferre Users should use an anonymous Bitcoin wallet on their computer and conduct all blockchain transactions through the Tor network. By following these steps, the user’s personal data is not revealed and is protected from any potential attacks on their privacy. Before withdrawing Bitcoin back to a bank account, it is also advisable to use a Bitcoin tumbler to make sure there is no record of the transaction. All of these security measures give users the assurance that their money and privacy are secure and make it impossible for anyone to track back to the original Bitcoin wallet used to transfer the coins.


What is

With the help of, users can continue to transact anonymously with cryptocurrencies. To conceal the source of the funds, it accomplishes this by combining coins belonging to different users. For added security, the platform also uses military-grade encryption and a no-logs policy. Since its launch in 2019, Coinomize has only received compliments from customers. Additionally, it has an intuitive user interface, 24/7 customer support, and a minimal transaction fee of 0.0015 BTC.

What is a coin mixer?

A coin mixer is a software platform that sits between a sender and a recipient during a cryptocurrency transaction. It works by randomizing the coins sent so that when they get to the receiver, they cannot be traced back to the sender’s wallet. Users can conduct secure and private Bitcoin transactions using coin mixers without disclosing their personal information. They are used to hide the connection between Bitcoin transactions and the sender’s real-life identity on their Bitcoin address. The mixing process works by combining different Bitcoin transactions so that the trail becomes difficult to trace. Coin mixers are an essential part of the cryptocurrency world and are not illegal. They are used when someone is trying to buy or sell bitcoins anonymously, and they help maintain privacy when transacting on the blockchain. It is easy to use a Bitcoin mixer, which involves depositing bitcoins into a mixer and waiting a few hours for them to get mixed. For anonymous and immediate bitcoin transfers, Coinomize is the optimal mixer. No waiting periods are necessary to secure your private information when using this platform.

How does’s Coin Mixer work?

How does’s Coin Mixer work? [Step-by-step instructions]

  1. Visit the website and go to the menu item “Mix my Coins”.
  2. Choose the desired cryptocurrency and set the settings of your transaction.
  3. Create order and send your Dirty Coins to the displayed Coinomize deposit address.
  4. Coinomize will then immediately show you the receipt of the number of coins sent and how many blockchain confirmations it already has.
  5. Once the coins have been mixed, they will be sent back to your wallet within some minutes.
  6. You can always track your transaction with the order number as long as you have not deleted it.

What is a Bitcoin tumbler?

A Bitcoin tumbler, also referred to as a Bitcoin Mixer or Cryptocurrency Tumbler, is a service that combines a user’s bitcoins with those of other users to obscure the origin of any particular coin. Given that there is no chance of being tracked or reported by any exchanger or exchange, this gives users privacy and anonymity. A Bitcoin tumbler works like a bowl in which all the bitcoins are thrown and mixed together. This makes it difficult for the public to track the transaction history and also makes it difficult for hackers or thieves to steal any of the money. Coinomize is a popular Bitcoin tumbler on Reddit, as it uses advanced encryption hashes to break up a user’s original bitcoins into smaller denomination inputs so they can never be traced back to the user. Mixing coins can also help with tax evasion, as it is difficult for the market to sense any major changes in price caused by mixing.

How do I use’s Bitcoin Tumbler?

Using’s Bitcoin Tumbler is a simple process. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Connect to a Tor browser and create a new wallet with a wallet provider of your choice. It is best to use an open-source wallet on your computer that can also be used offline.
  • Step 2: Send the bitcoins you want to mix to this first wallet. Make sure this wallet has no transactions and is not connected to you.
  • Step 3: Create a second wallet that will later receive the mixed Bitcoins. This is where the Bitcoin Mixer will send the clean coins.
  • Step 4: To begin using your favorite Bitcoin mixer (, for instance), open its Onion Domain link and input your second wallet’s Bitcoin withdrawal address.
  • Step 5: Once you transmit your Bitcoin to the mixer, wait until it is confirmed by the blockchain. Subsequently, Bitcoin Blender will send your newly blended Bitcoins to a secondary wallet of yours.

Is’s mixing service secure?

Yes,’s mixing service is secure. Modern artificial intelligence systems, encrypted private networks, and two-factor authentication (2FA) are all used by the platform to keep user funds safe and secure. Additionally, all user-related data records are deleted by the service 72 hours after a transaction, though users have the option to delete these records even sooner if they so choose. In addition, Coinomize offers a 100% money-back guarantee if its service does not meet expectations. This allows users to trust that their transactions are secure and that their privacy is protected. With these features and more, Coinomize is a reliable and secure bitcoin mixing service that is trusted by many.

What are the fees for using

The fees for using change depending on the transfer time delay and mixing power you choose. You will pay a service charge of 1.5% up to 5% as well as a miner’s fee of 0.0003 BTC. This is much lower than other services that may charge up to 15% or more for their services. The higher the fees, the more secure your transaction will be, so it is definitely worth it if privacy is important to you.

How long does it take for transactions to go through on

Using, a transaction can be completed faster or slower depending on the blockchain speed and time. Customers can select from a range of transfer delays, from immediate to 72 hours, and follow their orders live and via countdown to 72 hours. For every deposit, Coinomize charges a 1.5%–5% service fee plus a blockchain fee.  Afte the blockchain network approves the transaction, Coinomize sends all of the coins back to the wallet address in a single transaction without tying any personally identifiable information to it.

The service is it legitimate?

Yes,’s service is legal. They combine cutting-edge security measures, like multi-signature wallets, cold storage, and two-factor authentication, to ensure that all user data is stored securely and that users can maintain their anonymity when transacting with Coinomize. In accordance with AML standards, Coinomize also conducts more frequent payout transaction checks, which helps to maintain their service’s compliance with local laws. Coinomize has put these safeguards in place to make sure that users can use the service anonymously while still adhering to the rules.

What is the Referral Program at

By referring friends or family to the Coinomize platform, users can receive rewards through the Referral Program. By rewarding users with extra cryptocurrency, this program motivates users to promote the platform and entices them to use it. When a user refers a friend or family member to the platform, they will be rewarded with a percentage of the transaction fees that the referred person pays to Coinomize. This not only helps the referred individual get started with Coinomize but also enables the referring user to make some extra money. Coinomize also has a referral system that allows users to track their progress and see how many people they have referred. This program is a great way to grow the Coinomize community and show appreciation for its loyal users.

Is Bitcoin mixer traceable?

No, Bitcoin mixers are not traceable. Although Bitcoin transactions are public and traceable, a Bitcoin blender or mixer can provide a certain degree of anonymity by sending bitcoins from your address with coins that are not yours. This indicates that the bitcoins have been mixed with other people’s cash and that it will be extremely difficult to identify you as the seller of the goods. In order to further protect your privacy and identity, Bitcoin tumblers, a type of coin mixing service, perform similar functions but have a more intricate design.

Methods of coins mixing

Methods of coin mixing involve services, wallets, and cash.

  • 1. Mixing services: The most popular method of coin mixing is to use a service such as Bitcoin Blender, which provides a secure and anonymous way to mix coins. Simply create an order, choose the time delay and fees you’d like, and enter your withdrawal address. Then, send your coins to the unique Coinomize deposit address. Once your transaction is confirmed, Coinomize will mix all your coins with other users’ coins and send them back to your wallet address in one single transaction.
  • 2. CoinJoin: CoinJoin is a decentralized coin mixing method that requires users to download Electrum or Armory wallets and use them to mix their coins.
  • 3. Using Cash: People can also use a coin mixer by paying for Bitcoins with cash and then using the coins they receive to purchase goods or services online later on.

How effective are bitcoin mixers?

Bitcoin mixers are a useful tool for keeping transactions with Bitcoin private and anonymous. By mixing coins with those of other users, it becomes difficult to trace the movement of coins back to the original sender, protecting them from hackers, government surveillance, and other threats. However, it is important to note the risks associated with using such services, including the potential for malicious actors to steal funds, the need for trust in centralized mixers, and the technical skills required to use decentralized mixers. As such, it is essential for users to weigh the risks and benefits of using a Bitcoin mixer before engaging in such activities.

Why should I use a Bitcoin Mixer at all?

Anyone who wants to keep their identity and personal information private when using Bitcoin must use a Bitcoin mixer. Users can make sure that their transactions cannot be directly linked to them by using a mixer. By doing this, they are able to maintain their privacy and protect their anonymity. Additionally, users can use Bitcoin mixers to help defend themselves against hackers who might be attempting to steal their coins. The possibility of double spending, or sending the same Bitcoin transaction twice, is also lower when coins are mixed. All in all, using a Bitcoin mixer is an important step to take for anyone who wishes to remain anonymous and secure when using cryptocurrencies.

You can mix your Bitcoin in just 5 easy steps:

Using a Bitcoin mixing service, also known as a “Bitcoin tumbler,” is a great way to make sure your Bitcoin transactions remain anonymous and untraceable. Coinomize, the go-to Bitcoin mixing service that can be trusted, makes it possible for everyone to make their Bitcoin transactions anonymous within a few easy steps.

  • Step 1: Generate a Deposit Address – First, you need to generate a deposit address. This is the address to that you will be sending your Bitcoin and the address to that Coinomize will be sending your clean coins back.
  • Step 2: Configure your Destination Address and the Send Time Delay – Next, you need to configure the destination address where your clean coins will be sent and the send time delay. This means that your coins will be sent to the recipient after a certain amount of time and prevents tracking the time in the blockchain.
  • Step 3: Send the Bitcoin to the Mixer – Once you have entered the recipient address and selected the send time delay, click on the “Create Order” button. This will open the payment page, where you will find your Letter of Guarantee. This will give you the assurance that your deposit address is from Coinomize. On this page, you can also check your selected settings and save your Coinomize Code. Finally, you need to send your Bitcoin to the address provided on the payment page.
  • Step 4: Process your Mixed Coins – Once your payment is confirmed and the mixing process is completed, you will receive your clean Bitcoins back to your deposit address.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your New Untraceable Bitcoins – Your Bitcoin will now be untraceable and you can enjoy the privacy that comes with that.

Using a Bitcoin mixing service is an easy and efficient way to make sure your Bitcoin transactions remain anonymous and untraceable. With the help of Coinomize, you can easily mix your bitcoins in just five simple steps.

Are bitcoin mixers illegal?

Mixers for bitcoin are not prohibite To anonymize transactions and protect user identities, it is possible to use a bitcoin mixer, but it’s crucial to use a reputable and trustworthy service. While some Bitcoin mixing services have been closed due to illegal operations, others are still operating legally after going through the necessary legal steps. When using a mixer, it is important to read reviews and make sure that no user data is stored.

Background of Cryptocurrency tumbler

A cryptocurrency tumbler, also known as a bitcoin mixing service, is a tool used to combine other cryptocurrency funds with any potentially recognizable or “polluted” funds. It has been in use ever since peer-to-peer digital currency Bitcoin first appeared in 2009. Because Bitcoin transactions are only nominally anonymous, users quickly looked for ways to further protect their privacy. This sparked the rapid creation of cryptocurrency tumblers.

Coins from one source are combined with coins from other sources through a process known as “spreading” in a cryptocurrency tumbler. Since the coins are mixed with other coins before being sent on their way, this process makes it challenging to track them using chain analysis. This gives the machine learning algorithm a special set of features that it can use to avoid any identifying tracking data.

The use of bitcoin tumblers to mix cryptocurrency assets has grown in popularity in recent years, with many Reddit users discussing it. This caused a variety of tumblers to appear, with emerging as one of the most well-known and reputable bitcoin tumblers on Reddit. In some of these threads as of July 2018, you can learn how to tumble your bitcoin holdings with other tumblers for security or simply to diversify your assets.

Tumblers are widely used, but some have called for their outlawship because they could be used for illegal activities like money laundering. Although there isn’t a lot of use of tumblers for these activities, it’s still important for users to be aware of the dangers. Despite these dangers, using cryptocurrency tumblers to make Bitcoin transactions more private is still a common practice.

What is a Bitcoin tumbler or laundry?

A service that aids in hiding the source of Bitcoin transactions is referred to as a Bitcoin tumbler or laundry, also known as a cryptocurrency mixer or Bitcoin mixer. It functions by blending a user’s bitcoins with those of other users to obscure the original owner and make it challenging to determine where the money came from. This is carried out in order to completely obscure the transaction and stop any exchanger or exchanger from blocking or reporting it. Users can make sure their funds are safe and untraceable by using a Bitcoin tumbler. Several trustworthy Bitcoin tumblers, including Coinomize and Helix, are offered online and can be used to mix Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in an anonymous manner.

What is blockchain analytics?

The process of deciphering and analyzing data from the blockchain, the open ledger that keeps track of all cryptocurrency transactions, is known as blockchain analytics. It is a crucial tool for comprehending how Bitcoin operates, spotting potential network problems, and making decisions about how to use the mixer and protect one’s bitcoins. By tracking the source of coins and other data, blockchain analytics can help users keep their identities and transactions private, as well as protect their funds from external regulations. A mixer service called Coinomize can help users protect their privacy by quickly and accurately mixing Bitcoin and obscuring the source of the coins.

Are only criminals capable of coin mixing?

Contrary to popular belief, coin mixing and other forms of personal privacy are not just for criminals. In fact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes personal privacy as a fundamental human right. According to studies, the majority of users of coin-mixing services merely want to maintain their privacy. While mixing coins can be done illegally for things like money laundering, it’s important to remember that this only accounts for a small portion of all combined coins.

Payment-based services that mix coins, or bitcoin tumblers, can be used to conceal transactions. The majority of tumblers are reportedly used for legal purposes, but security expert Jeffrey Robinson has advocated outright banning them because of their potential for use in criminal activity.

It’s critical to understand the dangers of using a mixing service. Many governments are wary of combining services and may take enforcement action. To prevent issues, users should make sure to only use reputable services, like Coinomize. Additionally, all users should be aware of their local laws and rules because it may be prohibited in some nations to mix significant amounts of cryptocurrency.

In the end, coin mixing and other personal privacy measures are not just for criminals, and most users of these services want to safeguard their private data and financial transactions. Knowing your local laws, being aware of the risks, and only using reputable services are essential.