Here’s an Opportunity To Invest In A Microlearning Platform Built For Real People By Real People

Teach Me How will be launched as a microlearning platform that provides informative how-to videos. TMH is looking for investors who believe in its vision. 

E-learning is an established market in terms of revenue and innovation. By 2025, the market is estimated to reach a worth of $325 billion. However, online learning is not limited to academic courses and certifications. To learn simple things in life such as flying a kite or making a jam from ripe mangoes needs training. 

Visualizing the massive scope of e-learning to resolve the day-to-day setbacks and hindrances, Teach Me How is ready to commence a unique microlearning platform. This new platform would be for people from all walks of life. Experienced content curators can create short how-to videos in different niches to satisfy the e-learning requirements of all individuals. 

While there will be content related to technology, digital revolution, and coding hacks, simple content related to health, hygiene, skincare, etc., can be easily accessed. The content will be focused on a wide range of subjects such as sports, art, beauty, cooking, fitness, engineering, health, home improvement, parenting, computer software, automotive, and many other key areas. 

The instant bite-sized video tutorials would be created to deliver accurate information with clarity in a fast-paced manner. Subscribers can log in from any corner of the world to access the information they require in real-time. In today’s digital era, knowledge is power, and individuals are interested in exploring everything via small screens in their homes or offices. In such a scenario, a platform like Teach Me How is only deemed to grow exponentially while creating many opportunities for early subscribers and investors. In the upcoming years, Teach Me How is expected to reach these milestones:

  • Active subscriptions exceeding 1 million
  • Corporate subscriptions of more than 5000
  • A video library consisting of 5,00,000+ videos 
  • A team of 5,00,000+ content creators 

With these augmenting numbers, it is not difficult to predict that Teach Me How will be the largest e-learning platform by 2027. The revenue will be generated through user subscriptions and merchandise sales. Through direct sales alone, the company will generate an income of around $67.1 million by its third year. Therefore, the early investors will be earning huge profits in a short time. The investments will be used to develop a robust TMH platform and mobile app, create sound marketing strategies, maintain security, and support non-profit organizations that thrive in the e-learning market. 

With a team of talented content curators, software developers, marketers, and finance experts already in place, each step will be gauged to move in the right direction. Teach Me How is dedicated to improving through constant feedback from creators and users. 

Microlearning is already a buzzword in the e-learning market, but the digital platforms that offer them are usually focused on all sorts of e-learning practices. TMH will focus solely on microlearning as it believes in short, crisp, and smart videos for specific audiences to increase knowledge and information retention. 

Visual learning platforms are driven by engagement, productivity, and retention. TMH will provide an intuitive platform where e-learners will understand ways to solve problems through visual demonstrations and tutorials. These videos will resolve the real-life problems of individuals or be helpful for those who wish to keep learning new things in their lives. At the same time, it will also be instrumental in simplifying the processes in manufacturing, automobile, IT, aviation, and all the sectors where a process or project needs to be explained at all the working levels. 

TMH is set to launch in 2023 and is now seeking investments from those who believe in and relate to its vision. Investing in TMH will be a wise decision because it is a platform driven by innovation, experience, and a motivated team. Moreover, by entering the e-learning space with microlearning solutions, TMH has already taken a giant leap in the right direction. If you believe in TMH, you can join the forces that will start a revolution in the e-learning market. Join TMH as an investor and reap the profits and other benefits for a long time.

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