How To Bypass WhatsApp Verification Without Phone Number

WhatsApp is a super-popular and mega-friendly application that gives the opportunity to quickly share various data, such as photos, videos, and voice messages with friends and relatives. Only among those who use smartphones with an Android operational system, there are almost 1 billion fans of this platform.

But it also has a downside. It is not possible to create two accounts on this app using the same phone number. Therefore, if you need to separate personal life from work and business communication or create multiple accounts to spread information more effectively, some people have to buy additional SIM cards. However, there is a much simpler and more cost-effective way to solve this problem. Use a virtual online phone number for bypassing OTP.

What is a virtual phone number for WhatsApp?

This number is not much different from the classic virtual number. It is also secure, issued by a real cellular operator, and can be used online with any electronic gadget that has an internet connection. The only difference is that with such a number the user can only get a text message from one particular application: WhatsApp.

It’s just not technically configured to receive SMS from other services. So there is no way you can use it to register with Facebook or Telegram. However, while this may seem like a disadvantage to some people, in fact, it is a significant advantage. Since it is set up to receive OTP only from one app, its cost is much lower than the cost of a universal virtual number and rarely exceeds one dollar. So financially it is without a doubt the best solution for those who want to create multiple WhatsApp accounts.

How safe it is to use a virtual number for WhatsApp?

Many users are concerned about how safe it is to use such a service, for example, whether their account will not be subsequently lost. We can assure you that there is nothing to worry about. All virtual numbers are provided only to one person and are removed from the database after use. This way, once an account is created, no one except its original owner can gain access to it.

In addition, such a number is not available for tracing or using for spamming purposes. So despite the fact that in WhatsApp it is possible to see the phone number of each user, it will not cause any inconvenience and on the contrary, will protect from constant receiving intrusive messages from strangers.

Platform to get a virtual phone number for bypassing OTP on WhatsApp

Signing up for WhatsApp with a virtual number is a simple task. It doesn’t require going anywhere or dealing with a lot of documentation like in the case of buying a SIM card from a cell phone carrier. You just need to visit website which provides the ability to receive SMS from all sorts of apps, including WhatsApp. The process of using it is very simple:

1. Sign up for an account on mentioned above service.

2. Replenish its balance with a suitable payment method.

3. Go to the homepage of the website and select dialing code from the countries list as well as WhatsApp while browsing the section with apps.

4. Purchase and use the received virtual number for registration.

5. Click on the “Get SMS” button to reveal the verification code.

This is it! You can create as many accounts as you need by simply repeating the steps above time after time. There are no limitations or anything like this so it won’t be a problem at all.