How to Reset Instagram Explore Page

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world and enables users’ worldwide connections. Since its explosion in 2016, the app has gained many new users and new features. It is now run under the larger company Meta alongside other platforms like Facebook.

Instagram app is useful not only for keeping in touch with your Instagram followers and followings but to explore new people and niches. Instagram explore page along with the search are ideal tools for that purpose.

While the explore page on Instagram can be a great way to find new and interesting content, sometimes users may find that they are seeing the same posts over and over again. If you’re looking for a way to reset your explore page and see 1394ta’s original Instagram likes, here’s what you need to do.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to reset Instagram explore page, what it is, and how it works.

Instagram Explore Feed: your Window to the World

Instagram explore page is a relatively recent feature that allows users to explore posts they’re interested in.

Instagram app algorithm forms the explore feed so it depends on Instagram users’ activity: recent searches, posts they tap, links they visit, people they follow, etc.

Explore Posts on the Instagram App

Explore page on Instagram usually depends more on what you do on your explore feed. Search and follows don’t affect that much, although there are some services like 1394ta that can really help. especially if you follow only friends and not influencers, celebrities, or niche creators.

Search history has an effect as well but as we’ve said it’s more about your explore section and what you look, watch, and like there.

How Does the Instagram Feed Explore?

If you watch certain accounts’ reels, you’ll see more of them when you swipe: more from the same accounts and more about the same topics and niches. Instagram’s explore feed gives back whatever you take from it.

If you see posts about fitness, tap them a lot and like them. Your explore page will be full of people lifting weights and flexing in front of mirrors.

If you see a lot of food-related and can’t keep your eyes off, the Instagram app will make sure you’re hungry all day. Similar posts are brought to you the more you tap them

Why Would you want to Reset your Instagram Explore Feed?

As we’re saying, you may want to reset your Instagram explore because the algorithm can take you beyond what you consciously want.

You may be wasting a lot of time on Instagram posts on explore page swiping endlessly, tap after tap, going from these videos to those photos.

Genuine Instagram followers from 1394ta are the bread and butter of any influencer worth their salt. With over a billion monthly users, the social media platform is a goldmine for anyone looking to build an audience and monetize their influence.

Don’t let your Instagram Feed Control You

Explore feed on Instagram can be addicting. Many scientific studies have demonstrated the adverse effects a social media app can have on people’s mental health.

So, it’s always smart and advisable to monitor your Instagram use. There are many better activities to do in life instead of watching other people do them. Go outside, take a walk and try touching some grass.

Use Instagram more to share photos and stories and less for stalking. Remember that everyone’s lives have problems and what you see under spotlights doesn’t always reflect reality.

Monitoring Your Use

If you think you waste too much time on Instagram, you can monitor how much time you spend.

User data for time spent can be found on the profile page in the “Your Activity” section.

If you’re not happy with the numbers, it’s advisable to reset explore page to avoid distractions.

You can also set limits for total daily use time and also time per session. You can set your sessions to a maximum of 10 minutes for example and when time is up you wait until you can open the Instagram app again.

How to reset Explore Page on your Instagram Account

You may want to reset your explore feed on Instagram for many reasons as we’re saying.

You may be wasting a lot of time on things you’re not interested in. You may want to see other content or you may want to see fewer posts about a certain niche.

There are various ways to reset your Instagram explore feed. Note that these methods sometimes don’t completely reset explore page but only intervene. They may make some posts related to certain topics disappear.

You can’t completely start from scratch but make your Instagram explore page to show what you want gradually tap by tap as you look at a post you want to see more of.

Let’s move on to how to reset your Instagram explore feed.

Clear Search History

Your search history has a lot of influence on what you see on explore page. To clear all options of accounts and hashtags of the previous search can reset explore page by making you see fewer posts related to searches.

You used to need to tap settings to clear search history but now all your activity is kept in the “Your Activity” section on your profile. Settings are now for account settings and for a security option like making your account private.

You can Clean Manually

To clear recent search history by hand you can tap on the search bar and tap on the cross next to different accounts or tags.

Clean All Searches Automatically

To reset Instagram search history completely and automatically: open the Instagram app, tap on the profile picture icon at the bottom right corner to go to your profile, tap on three lines at the top right corner, and select “Your activity”.

All settings used to be in one place. But now “Your activity” section serves as the main menu where all your user Instagram past activity is kept. Go to “Recent searches” and tap on “Clear all”. This serves as a reset button for all your search.

Check back your Instagram explore page to see if it’s any different. If you don’t see a post you used to see a lot that was related to your search, it means it worked.

The placement of options may be different depending on the Android or iOS version and also depending on the Instagram version you use. Old Android versions may be unable to update to the latest Instagram for example.

Hide a Certain post to Reset your Instagram Explore Page

You can select and hide a post you don’t want to reset Instagram explore suggestions. As we’ve said Instagram brings more of a post if you show interest. It knows what topics, niches, and accounts you look at a lot.

To hide certain posts so you see less of them and posts similar to them: open Instagram, go to your explore feed, and select a post you want to see less of.

After you select the post tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the post. Select “Not interested”. This will make the post disappear and show you less of it in the future.

To reset your explore page is more effective in this way although slower. You will see less of videos and images that you’re not interested in.

Check posts frequently and tap “Not interested” to reset your explore page regularly and see only the content you want.

If you have doubts about other people or hackers accessing your account, tap security and see if it’s your account is safe. Unwanted content can be because of an unsecured account. But that’s a topic for the next article.