New Energy Storage Solution to the Soaring Electricity Bills in Cambodia

Summer is one hell of a time for people living in Cambodia, as the electricity charges soar with the climbing temperature. The electricity tariffs for households range from 0.15 to 0.185 USD/kWh [1], mainly depending on the monthly consumption, while the world’s average remains only 0.134 USD/kWh [2]. That is to say, people in Cambodia have to bear an unshakable burden named electricity bills and pay so much more than those living elsewhere. It could be 30 or 40 dollars, but it could also come up as high as hundreds of bucks!

An energy storage solution becomes necessary at this time. With such a daunting prize, it is no surprise that Cambodian people spare no effort to lower electricity consumption just to save some money. So many try to keep their household appliances (microwave ovens, electric kettles, water heaters, etc.) to minimum usage. The office staff stays in the office as late as possible to enjoy the free air-conditioners, only turning on ceiling fans when they return home, and those who barely turn on the AC in the sweltering heat are by no means rare. Storage is as important as saving, and a new energy storage solution is highly called upon.

Why is Electricity so Stubbornly Expensive

What makes the electricity so costly, even when the government invests so much, doing everything they can to reduce it? The reasons are three:

1. Population & Economic Expansion

The population of Cambodia grows annually. Based on the statistics of the United Nations, there will be approximately 17 million population in Cambodia by 2022, a 1.31% increase from that of 2021 [3]. Despite the decelerating growth (the growth rate in 2020 was 1.36%), Cambodia still accounts for 0.21% of the world [4]. But in this case, it means another thing: when it comes to the summer, with the surging consumption, the power supply can no longer satisfy the demand quickly, rendering the electricity fee unaffordable and power supply unstable, even completely off sometimes.  The country is struggling to find a giant energy generator, or a practical energy storage solution to meet the demands of its entire population.

2. Unstable Electricity Network Nationwide

Despite the tremendous effort the Cambodian government spent in developing a nationwide electricity network, its major citizens still fail to enjoy a stable power supply that is priced reasonably due to unstructured power sources, regional energy imbalance, and insufficient reasonable supply. To make the matter worse, Cambodia relies heavily on two things: the energy imported from its neighboring countries (Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, etc.) and the power generated from coal and diesel oils, both of which are neither sustainable nor environmentally friendly.

3. Insufficient Clean Energy Awareness

The clean energy source is another issue hard to tackle. Following the hydropower closely, coal is the second major power source in Cambodia, with solar and biomass merely taking 7% [5]. While the energy structure doubtlessly needs further optimization, people’s awareness of storing and utilizing clean energies (represented by solar power and hydropower) could use some improvement as well. One shall always prepare for the danger, even when they are in safety. If they fail to realize the importance of the energy storage system at the individual level, then what awaits them are none other than hefty electricity bills or an unstable supply.

What Could be Done, Individually?

So, is there any practical method, a possible way, or an energy storage solution an individual can seek other than simply waiting for the government to cover it all? There is! That is to take preventive measures.

In this case, a residential energy storage system represented by a power porter of nRuiT may come to the service, helping you through the darkest hour literally. Standing in less than one meter. It can be installed on a wall or simply placed on a floor, tailoring to the users’ needs and preferences. When functioning, it works a miracle with great efficiency, as it stores the direct current generated by PV up to 9kWh, then converts the direct current into the alternating one before it empowers the entire house.

Power porter can be considered the energy storage solution to all the issues mentioned above. In this way, not only does Powerporter 9.0 save up a great amount of power consumption (and electricity expenditure eventually), but it also plays a part as a reliable temporary source, ensuring all the important activities would not be interrupted by power shortage. Most importantly, by storing the power in Powerporter 9.0 and using it later, users replace the nonrenewable energy with renewable and clean energy, thus contributing to the environment and ecology. Personally speaking, there is no better energy storage solution.

Other types of power porters are selectable as a newly rising energy storage solution. 


If you are also one of the victims of high electricity bills or frequent outages inside or outside Cambodia, you may as well give the power porter a shoot. As the leading energy storage solution provider specializing in integrating CATL lithium batteries into energy storage systems, nRuiT has developed a range of power porters for years, fully capable of suiting the different needs. Try it, and enjoy some time completely free of charge.


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