Phone Booths for the Office – Is it Worth it?

The modern office design approach focuses on ergonomics and flexibility in the workplace, coming up with ways to add more privacy to open offices and cubicles. An office phone booth is one of the innovative solutions considered in this approach.

How can Office Phone Booths help your Employees?

An effective way for incorporating areas for distraction-free work into modern offices is furnishing the space with phone booths. Office spaces can make use of compact modern office furniture that will help employees to work efficiently on the most demanding tasks in solitude or focus on important audio and video conversations. At the same time, the hushPhone office phone booth has a sleek design fitting into various workplaces.

Quiet Workspaces Promote Creativity

Even though brainstorming sessions might be helpful for creative projects, quiet time is still needed to bring these creative ideas to life. When there is a need to make a phone call and discuss a task with others, privacy and proper acoustics are required.

Although it might be challenging to redesign an office to increase flexibility in a workplace, it is still possible to add a phone booth office unit even in quite congested spaces.

Phone Booths help in Coping with Office Distractions

The office environment is rather naturally distracting and cannot be controlled easily. Even partially isolated cubicles expose employees to a whole range of disturbing office noises. An office phone booth is an oasis in the middle of a busy office environment.

They Enhance Employees’ Focus

Unfortunately, the more attention a task requires, the more easily one can get distracted, which is particularly frustrating during important audio or video conversations. When distractions are minimised, it is way easier to stay focused on challenging tasks and stay better connected with others during calls.

Office Phone Booths help Improve Employees’ Mental Health

While many office workers are under pressure to work on intellectually challenging tasks, they may also feel anxious about being watched by their supervisors and concerned about insufficient security of the confidential data they are working on in an open-plan environment. The hushPhone office phone booths can reduce stress in office workers by giving them desired privacy.

Phone Booths are Comfortable for Long Calls and help to Keep all Conversations Private

A phone booth office unit is undeniably a perfect solution for keeping privacy during calls. HushPhone has acoustic properties for not only minimising the noise from outside but also for making the sound coming from the booth merely noticeable for the people around.

Modern Office Phone Booths Increase Workspace Flexibility

A modern office design utilising phone booths makes it possible to facilitate both enhanced communication in open-plan workplaces and cubicles and provide an essential level of privacy while keeping the costs of such flexibility in the workplace within a reasonable budget.