How to Establish which city is the Best for Gamers: The Criteria

According to global statistics, every second family has at least one gamer. For them, video games are their own ideology and culture. In addition, professional gamers are able to earn good money, which means that gaming is exactly the case when a hobby turns into a profession and brings maximum pleasure.

In order to get the most out of the hobby, the place of residence must meet high standards: the fastest possible internet connection, low rental costs and good transport links. Such parameters are able to fully cover the needs of gamers, in particular those who come to a foreign city to participate in eSports tournaments. New York, Shanghai, Bagdad, Los Angeles etc. This rating seems legitimate, but there are also smaller cities that are worthy of gamers’ attention. Before you decide on a city, you should consider a few things that are important for a comfortable stay. Thanks to for giving us an idea of what must be considered as criteria for gaming cities.

Internet speed (mbps and ping)

Internet speed is key for gamers. It should in no way be less than 1Mbps. However, depending on the game, this threshold can increase to 5 Mbps.

When it comes to streaming, the preferred speed is directly related to the video resolution:

  • 480р – 5 Mbps
  • 720р – 10 Mbps
  • 1080р – 20 Mbps.

It is important to understand that the overall preferred speed is calculated using the formula: Speed requirements for a video game + Minimum allowed speed for streaming.

Another important indicator for a quality gaming session is the speed of information processing between gamers’ computers. Unlike the internet connection speed, the ping rate should be as low as possible. A speed of less than 40 ms is ideal, and up to 100 ms is tolerable. This necessity arises due to the fact that the gamer needs to have time to react online to the attacks of the opponents.

Internet ping

A ping is a signal that is sent from one device to another over the internet. It is sent when a player wants to play an online game and it is needed for the game to be played smoothly. A ping can also be used for other purposes like checking the speed of your internet connection or downloading files. A good ping ensures that you are not facing any lag while playing the game and that you are getting a smoother gaming experience.

The importance of having a good ping has increased because of how much people rely on their internet connection these days. Most people use their phones, laptops and tablets for work, socializing, gaming and watching videos on YouTube or Netflix. All of these activities require an uninterrupted internet connection with low latency or lag time so that they can be done properly and efficiently.

Rent cost

At the time of the Internet’s emergence and development, gaming clubs opened en masse around the world. They were open 24 hours a day and gamers could have fun, but they had a lot of drawbacks, which made them stop operating rather quickly. Nowadays, these facilities have been replaced by gaming rooms for small groups of gamers who have a common interest in video games. These rooms have all the conditions for a comfortable game, including the possibility of renting consoles from different eras. The cost of renting such rooms depends on game time and the number of players, and can go up to 90 USD per half-day in cities with high Internet traffic. These rooms are located in close proximity to shops, shopping centers and bars.

Good public transport (a cheap taxi is even better)

Among gamers, the Uber service is the most in demand. The low fees and high quality of service have been the determining factors for this popularity. However, the cost of the ride still depends on the gamer’s location. The cheapest taxi can be hired in Bucharest. For 3,68 EUR you can travel up to 9 km. For a distance of 50 km your trip will cost 95 RON or 20 EUR.

No crime problems

Virtually every city in the world that hosts full-scale eSports tournaments is at the top of the security rankings. So, for example, you can travel without fear to New York, Stockholm, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Copenhagen.