Play Different Types of Games with your Friends

Playing cards have always been a popular way to enrich skills and use time productively. Rummy occupies a special place in the world of playing cards. The different cultures have modified the game which has led to many variations. Rummy is a unique card game with a distinctive charm associated with it.

With the increasing proliferation of internet services, online rummy has been gaining prominence across India. By knowing about all rummy games, you can participate in major tournaments held online. The rules of each rummy game differ based on its variations. You should be aware of the subtle differences in rules to get the best of your opponents. Here are the common types of rummy games that you can play with your friends.   

Indian Rummy

Do you know that Indian rummy is the most played game online? Customary to its name, it originated in India. The Indian rummy has a little variation in rules when compared to original rummy. It involves dealing 13 cards to each player.

It is a combination of Gin rummy and Rummy 500. In Indian rummy, it is common to see two decks of cards and jokers. As a player, you can select one joker randomly. The other card you can take should be a printed one. Indian rummy has a simple gameplay. Moreover, it is easily available online that has increased its popularity. 

Pool Rummy

In case you don’t know, the pool rummy is pretty similar to the Deals Rummy. In the Pool rummy game, the players around the table pool-in money to commence the game. It usually forms the prize pool. Much like other types of rummy games, the pool rummy is played across various rounds.

Therefore, you will have the opportunity to improve your chances with the pool rummy. But this rummy game involves a pre-decided points tally. The player to reach the points tally typically gets eliminated.

The phenomenon continues until there is only one player left on the table. The last player left on the table will be declared the winner. Note that the two main versions of the pool rummy are the 101 and the 201-pool rummy.

Liverpool Rummy

Another popular rummy version gaining popularity online is the Liverpool Rummy. It has extensive features that can stir the interest of both newbies and experienced players. Features like buying resources and multiplayer functionality are what makes this game so interesting. You can relate Liverpool Rummy to Contract Rummy based on various features. In this game, you can purchase a card from the discarded pile even if it’s not your turn. 

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is a type of 13-card rummy game. It is usually a one-deal game among two to four players. In this game, everyone competes for points. The players should strive to score zero by declaring their cards before their opponents. In Points Rummy, the jokers are always the wild cards. With the help of jokers, you can replace missing cards in the melds.

The 21-Card Rummy

The 21-card Rummy is a popular and beloved variation of the classic rummy game, played in its Points Rummy format. Unlike 13-Card Rummy, each player will be dealt an impressive 21 cards instead – two decks with three printed jokers included. To claim victory in this version of rummy requires at least three pure sequences to win!

27-Card Rummy

The 27-Card rummy requires a minimum of two and a maximum of five players, along with three decks comprising 52 cards. To make the game more intense and exciting, an additional set of two-up and two-down jokers is added as well.

Forming sequences is the key to winning this game, with at least three required! You can also construct sets of cards that don’t follow any set rule – but keep in mind, each player will receive points based on their possession of value cards. There’s a slight catch: you’ll be deducted points for what other players have too! Don’t forget to take into account every card in your hand and all those held by opponents when strategizing during the game. By playing this game online, you can easily enrich your skills.  

Contract Rummy

The Contract Rummy, or Joker Rummy as it is sometimes called, consists of many rounds in which the contract for each round varies. The first round’s dealer will be chosen randomly; afterwards the player to their left takes up the role of dealer for subsequent hands. By playing multiple games with different contracts in play, this variant provides an exciting opportunity to strategically outwit your opponents!

The main objective of each round is to eliminate all your cards by putting off, combining, and eliminating them. To commence with the merging process, you must first complete your contract for the present round.

These are some of the rummy card games you can participate with your friends. A proper knowledge on these rummy games is necessary to help you enrich your skills while participating online.