PUDEL COIN: Final Pre-Sale Before DEX Listing – Introduction of PUDEL SUPPORTERS!

PUDEL COIN, following the footsteps of recent meme coins, has garnered attention in the cryptocurrency market with its unique sales strategy.

Born in Germany, PUDEL COIN is a deflationary token with plans to gradually burn 20% of the total supply of 1 trillion coins. Currently, 8% of the total supply, which is 80 billion coins, has already been burned, and it is expected that more coins will be burned in the future, leading to an increase in the coin’s value.

Furthermore, PUDEL COIN has received recognition for its trustworthiness by passing rigorous audits from Solid Proof, a blockchain KYC verification and code audit company based in Germany. This has contributed to building credibility and establishing a presence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

PUDEL COIN is already on the verge of being listed on a decentralized exchange (DEX) and has entered the final phase of its pre-sale. During this pre-sale period, the PUDEL COIN development team has announced a groundbreaking event where they will distribute an additional 100% of the purchased token quantity in the form of an airdrop.

Moreover, according to recent announcements on the official Telegram channel, PUDEL COIN plans to recruit PUDEL SUPPORTERS during the final pre-sale period, offering them reward incentives. PUDEL SUPPORTERS will receive a portion of the PUDEL COIN sales revenue in the form of Binance Coin (BNB) rewards. The PUDEL COIN development team emphasized that this approach aims to encourage community participation and growth, highlighting it as the desirable vision for PUDEL coin. Since PUDEL SUPPORTERS will only receive benefits during the final pre-sale period, it is expected that many holders will be attracted during this time.

In summary, PUDEL COIN is a meme-based deflationary token. Through proven trustworthiness, community support, expanding influence, and the final pre-sale before DEX listing, this project is smoothly progressing on its journey. Bold marketing strategies, diverse events, and community engagement are expected to fully unleash the potential of PUDEL COIN. Additionally, the development team’s commitment to the roadmap further adds to the anticipation surrounding PUDEL COIN.