Reasons to Get Spotify Premium

Normally, people might think that freeloading is good for you, but is that really the case when it comes to listening to music? Would you really want to stick to the free plan if you are using Spotify?

It is high time that you consider investing in the premium version of Spotify. For that, you would need a fast internet connection such as Wave so you could download all your favorite songs on your phone. Not just that, but there are a lot of other perks as well.

Keep reading to find out what those perks are and why you should be moving to the premium version of Spotify as soon as possible:

No More Playing Songs on Shuffle

One of the most annoying things about the free version of Spotify is that you cannot play music according to your choice; the songs just play on shuffle, leaving you without the option to play any other song.

To put this into simpler words, while you have the free version of Spotify, you cannot play music on demand, you just have to stick to what you are provided. This honestly takes away the purpose of streaming music since there is no sense of liberty.

You also don’t have access to Daily Mixes that the app creates for you, which again takes out all of the fun of using Spotify. However, this is only the case when you are using Spotify on your mobile phone; you would not experience the same if you were using the tablet or the desktop version of Spotify.

Share an Account with your Significant Other

Not only can you get a plan for yourself but you can also get a plan that includes your significant other as well. This plan is known as the Spotify Duo plan and in order to purchase this, you just need to make sure you have the same address in your Spotify settings, showing that the both of you live together.

The best part about getting this plan is that you don’t really pay for one account, you can use two separate accounts under one bill. If you do the math, you would figure out that the Duo plan costs a lot less than having two separate individual accounts.

As the icing on the cake, the two of you also get an exclusive Duo Mix in which the Spotify algorithm figures out your music taste and makes a playlist out of it. This way, you can stay in touch with each other’s favorite songs and genres.

Say Goodbye to all those Annoying Ads

One of the biggest hassles of having the free version of Spotify is the number of ads that you have to deal with. Even though you have very limited skips when you are on the free plan, you also don’t have the option to play a song on repeat.

Added to that, you have to listen to an entire ad after you skip a couple of songs and that gets really annoying when it constantly interrupts your listening experience.

Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you were playing songs at a gathering, that too on a speaker, and you are constantly interrupted by ads. That is one of the many reasons why you should opt for the premium version of Spotify.

Say Hello to Listening to Music Offline

How convenient is the fact that you can download music on your phone, tablet, or even PC and you can listen to it without an active internet connection? It is one of the points that make it a must to have a Spotify Premium account.

This would be very helpful if you are on a trip and don’t have access to the internet, this way you would have access to all your favorite songs without needing an internet connection.

You can also select the streaming quality at which you can download your music. The higher the quality will be, the more space your music is going to take up. Therefore, it is imperative for you to have a device that has a lot of storage so that you can add as many songs as you want.

If you wish to listen to music offline, then Spotify Premium is exactly what you need so that you could save yourself from all the hassle. All you have to do is to look for the downward arrow where your music is playing and this would automatically add your song to your downloads.

It is Easier to Buy if you are a Student

Getting a Spotify Premium account has never been easier if you are a student. Students get a special discount on the plan, which makes it very easy to access Spotify Premium. All you have to do is to prove that you are a student with your Student ID and you will be eligible for the service.

Wrapping Up

It is high time that you finally consider upgrading to Spotify Premium, given all the perks that you get with it. Decide which plan works the best for you, upgrade as soon as you can, and with a good internet, enjoy music anywhere!