Reasons to Cut the Cord and Start Streaming All of Your Entertainment

The term “cutting the cord” or “cord cutting” refers to canceling your cable or satellite service in favor of streaming TV shows and movies. This term is also sometimes extended to discarding a landline phone in favor of using a cell phone/smartphone at all times, but it mostly refers to cable and satellite services.

Streaming has become so popular that you can stream more than just TV and movies over the internet— you can also stream music and videos as well. Here are all of the reasons why you should consider cutting the cord and start streaming your entertainment instead.

1: You’ll Save More Money

One of the biggest reasons people cut the cord is because of how expensive it’s becoming. On average, cable TV can cost you anywhere from $25 to $125 a month— depending on the provider you choose— and satellite TV prices range from $40 to $135 per month. However, many subscribers to cable/satellite know that these service providers tend to go up on their prices often. Many people even end up over $200 a month for these services.

Streaming services aren’t always free either, but they are much more affordable than many cable and satellite services. Here are the starting monthly prices for some of the most popular streaming services today:

  • Amazon Prime Video: $8.99
  • Apple TV: $4.99
  • Disney Plus: $7.99
  • HBO Max: $9.99
  • Hulu: $6.99
  • Netflix: $9.99
  • Paramount Plus: $5.99
  • YouTube TV: $64.99

If you subscribe to all eight of these services and pay their minimum subscription prices, you’d be paying $120 each month— which is less than many cable and satellite services. Also, there are some streaming services that are free such as Xumo, Vudu, Tubi, Pluto TV, Peacock (optional), Crackle, and Amazon Prime Video is free to Amazon Prime members.

2: It’s More Convenient to Stream

Even though cable and satellite have evolved with the times and allow you to record certain shows, it is still much more convenient to stream your favorite shows and movies. You can also stream on many more devices than you can with cable and satellite, which are limited TVs.

You also have the option to watch TV without commercials (known as ads when streaming), whereas with cable and satellite, you don’t get this option. However, some streaming platforms charge more for no ads, although ads on these platforms aren’t usually as long as traditional TV commercials.

3: You Have More Options When It Comes to Streaming

As noted above, there are many options when it comes to streaming services. There are many streaming services to choose from, and you can even choose them all! However, most people tend to pay for the services that they know they are going to use. These platforms give you a free trial period before you have to pay, and you can cancel anytime— even after you’ve begun paying, unlike with some cable and satellite companies.

For those who prefer live TV, there’s the option of streaming live TV as well. YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV are two examples of streaming platforms that allow you to watch shows— including sports—  live as if you were watching cable or satellite.

4: It’s Easier to Access

Cable access isn’t available to everyone everywhere, so many people don’t even have the option to watch cable TV. However, streaming services require wifi or some other way to connect to the internet, and this isn’t always readily available either.

Still, internet access is much more widely available to the public (in the developed world) because of hotspots on smartphones and free wifi offered by different establishments. Just keep in mind that you’ll more than likely have to stream on your smartphone or laptop when accessing wifi in public places.

5: You Can Access Your Entertainment in More Ways

Going back to convenience, streaming gives you more ways to access not just TV shows and movies, but also music, music videos, and even video games. For this reason, it’s necessary to have an entertainment hub that houses all of your digital media. An example of a media center like this would be Kodi, which can be installed on Firestick and Fire TV.

The biggest reason to cut the cord is to save more money. You get to choose which streaming service you want to pay for and enjoy, and you’re not locked into a contract. Streaming also allows you to watch from your smartphone, tablet, computer/laptop, smart TV, or even through an external device such as a Firestick.