Steam Deck Users Experience Joystick Drift Issues Similar to Switch’s

Early adopters of Steam’s newest portable gaming handheld device apparently are experiencing joystick drift after a few hours of use.

Complaints have entered the dedicated online forum r/steamdeck on Reddit, with users posting images and screenshots of the drift issue. Twitter user Wario64 brought the posts on social media and gained the attention of the handheld console manufacturer.

Steam Deck developer Lawrence Yang responded to the reports and said that there was indeed a deadzone calibration issue brought about by a recent firmware update. In light of these concerns, Yang said that a fix is underway and that they will continue to monitor the internet for issues regarding this particular problem.

It’s not clear how many Steam Deck users are getting the same problem. In online reviews drift apparently did not happen, and it seems that only a few are affected.

The Steam Deck is a portable gaming handheld and a direct competitor of the Nintendo Switch.