Top 3 Gacha Games of 2022

Are you looking for a good gacha game that is challenging and worth your time and investment? Today we’re going over the best games that have a strong player base along with rewarding gameplay. All the games mentioned can be played on Mobile as well which really helps to make it more accessible to everyone regardless of the system you play on.

# 3 Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends was released in 2018 on Android and iOS devices. In 2020 a PC version was also released. Raid has impressive graphics and is very visually pleasing. It’s solely a turn cycle strategy based game. You select the character’s action and each set of skills do something different. This game is reliant on the strategy of how characters work together. Of the three games we mentioned, this one is great to dip your feet in. There are more than 300 champions to choose from. This game is heavy on PvE with decent PvP elements. The only downside is it’s pop-up and ad heavy.

# 2 Summoners War

Summoners War was released in 2014. It is now available in 2022 on Facebook. Because it is much older than Raid, SW’s graphics aren’t quite as good. However, the game play mechanics are excellent. It has an impressive roster of over 1000+ characters and monsters. If you are looking for a complex game that requires lots of strategy and research then SW is for you! The battle system is very rewarding. After conquering PvE you then can venture in PvP. Unlike many other games, you really feel like you earned your ability to PvP. It’s super rewarding to see all your farming for runes to power up your characters come to use. The only downside to this game is the auto battle is really derpy with their AI. Also in PvP, RNG is really annoying if the enemy character keeps getting extra turns. As you become better at the game you learn how to counter these annoying issues.

# 1 Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a newcomer to the industry. It was released in 2020 with an explosive playerbase and is available on mobile, PS4, Xbox, and PC. Currently it sits at #1 for the highest player base of any RPG game. There’s a reason it’s number one. Genshin may have the lowest amount of playable characters at a little over 50, but it makes up for many areas. Genshin has beautiful graphics with a huge open world to explore. GI is a turn cycle based game but each character can be manually controlled. It’s been described as Zelda “Breath of the Wild” but with more playable characters and more diverse weapon and powerup styles. Unlike Raid and SW, Genshin is a purely PvE game that allows collaboration. This forces players to work with each other rather than against. The combat and progression is extremely rewarding in this game. There’s almost always something to do. The only downside is the resin limit which doesn’t allow you to farm that much each day


To sum everything up, Raid and Genshin are great to get your feet wet. Summoners War is ideal if you love PvP as it is very complex with tons of strategies. As someone who has played all these, what makes them great is they shine where the other falters. Raid has PvP but it isn’t as extensive as SW. SW pvp is really hard and offers a challenge many crave in gaming. Genshin is beautiful and allows you to play in a less toxic environment with fellow gamers. It’s got a great gacha system that is F2P friendly if you don’t want to dump money. Either way, you can’t really go wrong trying any of these three gacha games.