Top Google Chrome Extensions For 2022

Google Chrome Extensions are an incredible way of adding control to your workspace, and really opening up a world of possibilities in terms of what you can do in your browser. In fact, there are likely many extensions from the search engine giant that offer solutions to things that you didn’t even know couldn’t be improved.

Extensions typically provide wonderful shortcuts to a variety of tasks, or otherwise make a user’s experience on Chrome that much more enjoyable.

The following are some of the Google Chrome Extensions that were most popular or had a high number of downloads and positive reviews in 2021. These extensions remain relevant in 2022 and are certainly worth having a look at.

Dark Reader

The Dark Reader extension is ideal for those spending extended periods of time looking at a screen, whether a laptop or PC, or a tablet. It is aimed at those reading a lot of content on websites. However, it also works on many word processing applications. The principle is very simple; it reduces the amount of white and blue light on a screen, and in doing so helps to make reading easier on the eyes. This is typically done by changing the background to a dark color, and text to a white or brighter color.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screencast

Many applications have been around which enable a user to capture the screen. What the Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast extension does is make this process smooth and simple. Because it’s an extension, turning on the screen capture is simple. Whether it’s a still screenshot that needs to be captured, or a recorded video of the screen, the extension is simple and easy to use. This particular extension provides so many options for many users. For anyone wanting to make their own tutorials or instruction videos, this is really a great extension to install on your Chrome Browser. 

Toucan – Language Learning

Toucan language learning is an interesting extension, offering something quite unique. The Toucan extension is aimed at helping you learn a new language while you browse. It does this in a variety of ways, primarily by replacing certain words in a text with the translated word of the language you wish to learn. This allows you to learn the new word almost without realizing it, as it is used in a way that you might not even notice. It is a wonderful way of boosting your vocabulary in a new language.

Tab Manager Plus for Chrome

The Tab Manager Plus for Chrome extension is a simple extension which allows you to manage your browsing tabs so you can play online blackjack with ease. We often fall into the trap of having too many tabs open, and then battling to manage these and how to find a particular tab that you need to refer to. This extension allows you to see all open tabs, and to view them all in a single window. It also aids in identifying any duplicate tabs and suggests limiting the number of tabs which are open in a single window. Overall, a very useful extension to have running.