Top Mistakes Should Be Avoid While Playing Carrom Board

Carrom is one of the oldest and most entertaining indoor games for Indians. Be it a sultry summer afternoon or a refreshing evening, everything’s better with a carrom board. Carrom has always brought friends and family together as it was almost a ritual to play carrom on the weekends for the older generations. The tendency has not become completely obsolete but now lives through the virtual medium. Due to the breakdown of joint families, busy lives, and smaller houses, most people find it difficult to conduct a game in real life and thus often resort to virtual multiplayer game platforms. This brings back nostalgia and reunites friends and families.

Carrom is a game of patience and accuracy. Along with control and calculation, you must also have some strategies up your sleeves. We have compiled some of the most common mistakes that even experienced players make while playing carrom. If you can identify and avoid them, you shall become the champion of this game.

Identifying common mistakes in carrom will help you get past them.

Top Mistakes That You Should Never Make While Playing Carrom

Not Paying Attention to Fouls

Penalties are common in a carrom board game and thus, keeping your eyes open for them is important. You surely do not wish to get your coins confiscated unnecessarily. Maintain the striking line while hitting, and make sure you target the queen only when you are sure of pocketing a cover. Otherwise, it is not worth your effort. Learn about the fouls before engaging in a game. It will help you secure more points than your opponents.

Targeting Coins Randomly Without a Strategy

A carrom board allows you to change your game with every strike you make. There is a lot to do, even when you are sure you cannot pocket a coin. At such times, look for potential coins that your opponents might pocket and try to displace them to a position where it will be more difficult for them to strike. Most people randomly hit coins when they have none near the pocket, but it only throws away your chance of delaying your opponent’s chance to score.

Focusing Only on High Scoring Coins

Do not just focus on attaining high scores; keep scoring throughout the game. Target coins that can prove more fruitful than others, even low-paying ones. A carrom board gives you ample chances to score, and thus it is best to keep scoring whenever possible. However, if you have to choose between pocketing a high-paying coin or a low-paying one, go for the high paying first. Then, you can pocket the lower value in your complimentary chance. If you are playing all-black or all-white pieces, spread out your coins in a diverse position to help you win at most strikes.

Focusing on Queen Alone

The queen indeed brings about a dynamic change in your scorecard, but at the same time, one must not focus all his energy on targeting the queen. Some people fix their eyes only on a single coin and ignore the rest of the carrom board. You are not to do that.

Pocket coins as it comes your way, but at the same time, do not miss out on an opportunity to win the queen. If you manage to win queen along with other coins, there is no stopping you.

Taking Striking Methods for Granted

With access to online carrom games, everyone can play them with a click but is that enough? Unfortunately, most novice players commit the error of rushing into the game without learning a few things, which can cost them dearly.

Pocketing coins in a carrom board requires more than just random hitting. First, you must master the art of accuracy that goes into scoring in the game. Getting the angles right in the beginning. Once you have mastered that, it is time to understand how much pressure must be applied for what angle and distance. Whether it’s an online carrom board or a real one, just aiming at your desired coin will not fetch you score points. Therefore, do not rush into playing until you have acquired some expertise in striking methods.

Not Dispersing Coins Properly While Breaking

Breaking refers to the first carrom strike that disturbs the initial arrangement and disperses coins on the board. When you get the chance to break, make sure you take the correct angle and do it in such a way that the coins get distributed evenly on the board and are not stacked on one side or corner. This will make the latter strikes easier as you will have access to pocket coins in all ways.

Playing carrom is a part of nostalgia, and it brings back the good old summer days of rejoicing and togetherness. Online carrom allows you to recall those days and live them again with your close ones. You can become the best player by avoiding the mistakes we pointed out above.