Top Safest Countries We Recommend for Solo Female Travel

Female travelers from many countries are now going beyond and choosing to travel solo. This happens because solo traveling is the most gratifying experience. A stat shows that only in America, more than 22 million women travel alone, and the number keeps rising yearly. Because of female solo traveling, the number of unsafe countries has also increased. Those unsafe countries are slowly being brought to light. Today we are going to discuss the top safest countries for solo female travel, that will help you to make your next plan easily. Also, you can learn more about solo travel by visiting fox travel news blog.

Some Sheltered Countries for Female Solo Travel

1. Spain  

Spain is the second most visited place in the world (after France). While as per the Women’s Danger Index, this country holds first place to be the safest country for female solo travelers. It ranks high because of the street safety, along with the low legal prejudice and the rating of violence against women is also low there. So, the upper described reasons make a female go visit this country alone. And we are sure the scenic beauty makes a female solo traveler happy.

2. Singapore

If you are talking about the safest solo female travel, then there comes a small island nation that is to be considered the safest in Asia. Singapore has scored high in the matter of female safety. About 90% of women voted that Singapore is the safest when you are walking alone at night, reported on fortress one.

3. Ireland

Ireland, this country might not be the best according to their weather. While it has a low level of discrimination, has gender equity, and there is no violence against women. It is a very appealing country to travel to alone because of its countryside and lively culture. These beauties and listed reasons made us include and consider this country as a safe country for solo female travel.

4. Austria

According to the travelers, Austria is one of the safe and perfect countries for solo female travel. Austrians have enjoyed the most quality life in Europe. Because of its extraordinary landscape, it attracts solo travelers, but most of them are female. From a stat, Austria has no sexual harassment or doesn’t have any gender inequality among the countries reviewed.

5. Switzerland

In the world, everyone is aware of the beauty of this country, but this is not bounded between Mount Titlis and Grindelwald. According to the World Peace Index, this country has ranked seventh. And this made it safest for women to solo travel. Click here to read more.


Ladies, it is time to wrap up this topic of the safest countries for solo female travel. We hope that we help to find you the best and safest place for a solo female traveler. While you have to keep in mind that this is only the tip of an iceberg, there are many, many safest places in the world for the solo female traveler who goes alone. But if you are not getting the solution to your problem, then you also have much advice around the web; you can go for it.