3 Popular Recipes for Stress Release

Life is full of struggles and stresses. Sometimes it can get too hard to manage tasks without any breaks. Taking a break from your schedule is essential for relaxing and clearing your mind. If you are looking for a euphoric break, consider taking edibles. They provide you with a relatively safe high, enough to forget your worries and get a chance to rewind. The high’s strength and time depend on the edible type. To choose which high is most suitable for you, here is a guide explaining a few types of edibles.

1.   Gummies

There are different types of edible gummies. The most popular are Delta 8 and Delta 9 gummies. They provide a high of around eight hours but require 30 to 60 minutes for effects to kick in. Delta 8 and Delta 9 contain psychoactive effects, such as relaxation, joy, talkativeness, and increased laughter. These effects are more potent in Delta 9 than in Delta 8, so beginners are recommended Delta 8 gummies. Individuals who are regular users can take Delta 9 gummies. Even though gummies are safe, overconsumption can lead to dangerous effects like hallucinations, extreme anxiety, and delusions. By over-consuming, you will not be getting an increased high but will suffer the opposite consequences.

2.   Baked Goods

The most popular and highly consumed edibles are baked goods. Cannabis baked goods are mainly in the form of cookies, brownies, and muffins. They can contain different levels of THC, and the effects of the high depend on the varying levels. If you are a beginner, the recommended intake is 5mg of baked goods. A baked good high has low effects and is referred to more often as a “trip”, rather than a high.

Like gummies, baked goods also cause an individual to have hallucinations, delusions, and thirst. In cases of overconsumption, one experiences elevated levels of the same effects and may faint. But compared to gummies and beverages, baked goods take longer for results to show. The process is slow as the body takes longer to digest food with fiber and fats.

3.   Beverages

Cannabis beverages provide different edible options, and in 2019 the demand for them nearly doubled. These drinks can be in the form of sodas, teas, juices, milk, and coffee. Rather than buying entire beverages, you can also purchase a drink mix. You can dilute drink mixes in water for intake or directly drop them on the tongue for faster effects.

When compared to other edibles, cannabis-infused beverages provide quicker highs. They are more immediate because the body digests liquids at a faster pace. This factor is perfect for beginners who find it hard to wait after consuming edibles and take more to quicken the results. Beverages are also less potent than gummies and have a more significant limit. You can drink up to 12 oz before getting a hangover. This also means that you need to consume greater amounts to achieve a strong high.


As the popularity of edibles is increasing, many are changing from smoking weed to eating weed. One reason for this change is that edibles are deemed healthier than smoking. They do not lead to respiratory diseases. Another factor is edibles are available in a variety of ranges and flavors. Such as the options mentioned above.

Even with all its advantages, many still prefer smoking weed. Since it absorbs faster into the bloodstream and gives a stronger, more potent high, edibles may be trending but are more expensive than joints.