Best Apps for Grocery Store Coupons/Ads To Fight Inflation

Being a wise consumer definitely pays off amid rising costs of food and groceries. You can be smart with your money by stretching your dollar and opting for coupons and weekly savings ads whenever you can.

Try out these 5 best apps for grocery store coupons and weekly ads to beat inflation at its own game. App has an app you can download on your phone to save money on groceries. The great thing about the Coupons app is that it encompasses a whole range of retailers and stores, making it the preferred grocery savings platform by many.

With the Coupons app all you’ll need is to pick the grocery shops you’re interested in, then sit back and watch as timely notifications regarding deals and coupons arrive. It even allows you to link to your loyalty accounts so you get cash back whenever you buy goods.


Flipp is a special deals app that gives you a glimpse of how much savings you can get in stores near you. It’s helpful in a way that you just need to enter your grocery list by item, then the app finds out the best price for each via local deals. Make it a habit to check with Flipp so you can get the lowest price on essential items.


Ibotta is one of the more popular grocery deals and coupons apps around. The brand has partnered up with many retailers, so you’ll be sure to find something good here.

After downloading the Ibotta app, you can check out offers of the day or wait until your favorite shop has a promotion. Go shopping, then scan your receipt and upload it via app to get some of your money back. In some cases, you might get coupons off other essential items from The Home Depot or Staples.

Fetch Rewards

Much like other top grocery coupon apps, Fetch Rewards requires you to take a picture of your receipt to earn rewards points. Unlike the other apps though, it offers a degree of freedom in that you can upload receipts from any restaurant or store, including the ones you frequently go to.

You can browse through Fetch partner brands to get an idea of where to shop, and see additional details that can prove to be helpful. Earn enough points and you can choose your reward, including gift card denominations from renowned stores.

Checkout 51

A relative newcomer to the grocery coupon niche, Checkout 51 has a lot of things you might find to your liking. The app is updated weekly and gives you the freshest offers on nearby shops and retailers. To claim your credit, all you have to do is upload proof, e.g., a photo of the receipt and cash out when you reach $20 or more.

Expand your search for the best grocery shopping deals with the help of weekly ads on With persistence, patience and a bit of luck, you can maximize your budget and get all your essential goods without breaking the bank.