8 Reasons you should use QR codes in 2023

What are QR codes? 

QR stands for “Quick Response.” Quick Response Codes are two-dimensional matrix barcodes used by several devices for reading and scanning with particular apps. QR codes are widely used in this fast-changing world because they are a highly efficient tool that helps bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds. 

An individual or an organization can also create a QR code. They can generate a code and personalize the QR code per their requirements; one can increase the code’s configuration and make it simple or more complicated. Moreover, as a customer, you do not need to worry about your privacy, as QR codes do not record any private information. 

QR codes could be both in vertical and horizontal dimensions. There are several types of QR codes, and they contain a series of numbers, characters, and symbols. A surprising fact is that a QR code can contain up to 406 bytes of data, about seven thousand digits or four thousand characters. Due to this and the easy availability of QR code scanners and online barcode scanners, there are many benefits of using QR codes. 

What are the benefits of using QR codes?


There are several advantages of QR codes. First, you can generate several kinds of simple and complex codes. For example, One can encode touchless payments, check-in, cards, online payment, WiFi authentication, etc. It shows the versatility of generating QR codes, meaning you can encode anything in its perfect format size. 


Accessibility is one of the essential features of QR codes. Nearly every online payment nowadays is made by scanning a QR code. Moreover, the statistics of QR codes and mobile apps indicate that ninety-one percent have an in-built QR scanner. These QR codes can be placed anywhere and used by anyone, an individual or a large business. 


QR codes are highly engaging. There could be QR codes for nearly everything, be it small details about your organization or customer support online. This makes QR codes highly dynamic. The content you encode in QR codes could be audio or video. QR codes enhance the quality of the content to make it more engaging for the customers. 

Lower Costs

Now comes the cost; QR codes help to save a lot of money. Let’s take, for example, you go to a shop and notice a QR code at the door. You scan it, and a list appears on your device regarding the articles and their prices. It helps reduce a lot of money for pamphlets and other related things. It allows an individual or an organization to save a lot of money using QR codes, which are cheap and easy to generate.  


The name itself suggests Quick Response, meaning QR codes generate fast responses. This is because they can be developed quickly and accomplish tasks in just one scan.

Easy to Use

QR codes are straightforward to use. One can scan them with the ease of their smartphone, and it takes just a few seconds to pop up the information. No matter how old your phone’s camera is, scanning the 2D QR code is straightforward. You just need to place the camera vertically to the QR code, which will capture the code and provide you with the information in no time.  


One of the fascinating features of a QR code is that it is trackable. Therefore, it helps to benefit the businesses in marketing strategy. QR codes help to scan every important detail and keep track of them to know which codes perform well and which do not. This, in turn, helps in lead generation and assessment of the profit and loss of an organization. 

High Security

Suppose you’re the customer scanning a QR code to capture information or make payments. So you must be thinking if QR codes are safe or if they hamper your personal information. Well, there is no need to worry, as QR codes are just tools to provide URLs and not your data. The information is encrypted from both sides. QR code scanning is a highly secure procedure and ensures high security.