Blocks and Bejeweled : The Simple Games and The Excitement in its Simplicity

Game never fails to become interesting entertainment. Game develops in quite great pace. Some years ago, games were still limited to certain consoles. Now, technologies make various games more accessible. It is no longer necessary to always depend on certain game consoles to play games although there are also some games that are still exclusive to certain devices. However, most games are accessible in many devices, and PCs are main devices to play various titles and genres of games. Moreover, now online games are very popular. Games have great graphical and audio effects as interesting factors to bring higher levels of excitement and satisfactions However, some people still love to play simpler games. Even, games released some years ago are still played because players or gamers want to recall the memories of the past.

Games from some years are still accessible. Even, now the accesses are more flexible. It is no longer necessary to use certain consoles and some games are available in some websites. The games have simple animation and it is not hard to play. These games do not require the players to think hard in order to win the games. Basically, these are for entertainment and the goal is to make the player having fun. The games do not need high resolution for the animations. These also do not high specification to play and run the game. Simple website is enough as platform to play the game and it can be checked in website to read more about the games.


One of the games is Blocks. It is not a new game. However, it is still interesting to play and it is good entertainment for people who need to deal with their boredom. The game can be played in website and it is very simple to play. It only needs internet connection and browser. Mouse will be the controller to play and operate the function in the game. It seems simple, but it is the interesting part of the game. Some people are not interested in sophisticated aspects of some new games. They love simplicity that still can bring entertainment. Blocks can become good ways for having fun. The goal is to clear the colorful blocks in the screen by combining the blocks with same color horizontally or vertically. After that, the blocks with same colors will explode and disappear from the screen. It is quite simple but there will be higher level that will bring more difficulties for the players. The challenges are not only to combine and arrange the colors. It requires good way of thinking because player needs to think more steps to prepare and clear other blocks. They should also work quickly because there can be time limit to clear the level. These challenges are quite basic, but these are enough to get the players entertained well.


There are still other types of game similar to the Blocks. For example, there are Bejeweled. These games do not offer high level of animations in high resolutions. These are not like MMORPG games or Battle Royale games but these are still interesting for some people. Each person can have different taste in games and different level of satisfaction in playing games. Even, some players that usually play those games with great animations and high resolution may still be able to clear these games like Blocks and Bejeweled that may seem simpler.

Simplicity of missions in the game becomes one of the interesting parts. Even if it is very simple, it is still challenging because the difficulty of the game will become higher as the player play longer and clear more levels of the game. There are always new challenges in the games so they will never feel bored to play it. Blocks and other similar games do not offer such plot or story line that will become part of missions or quests that should be completed. These are no open-world map that should be explored. The games do not need characters with nice animations and items or artifacts to strengthen the characters. The games only have blocks or jewels in the screen, but these are more than enough to bring excitement.

The simple Game Specification to Play

Its requirement of specification can become other reasons that make people love simpler games like Blocks and Bejeweled, Zuma Boom, and even some other games with same concepts as Candy Crush.. They do not need to have gaming PC or gaming laptop with high specification in its processor and graphic card.   It does not need high capacity of RAM and other specs to make sure that the game will run well. What is needed to play Blocks and other similar games are website and internet connection. The game is played in a website opened through the browser. It is something that will be accessible by most people. Even, it is still playable to access the games from smartphone and tablets. These kinds of simplicity become the interesting parts and these give access for everyone to play.

Of course, the main goal is to get entertainment. Excitement offered by the game and various challenges with different difficulties are what make people love to play the games. They only need to think in simple ways and enjoy playing the game. It can be accessed anytime and even it does not require the players to pay certain price to download and buy the game. The Blocks and other similar games are free. Of course, these become other interesting points that make people love these games.


It does not mean that games with high animations are not interesting. In the end, everyone can have different preferences of games. Some people love to play MMORPG games, but there are also people who love to play games with other genres. As for Blocks and other similar games, these still have their own markets and that is why the games are accessible. The players can be kids, but adults are still possible to play. There is no restriction and even it does not have age limit for anyone who wants to play the game. Whenever they want to get simple entertainment and excitement, the games can be accessed and played. Moreover, these can become alternative for those who are stuck in their games and cannot complete the missions or quests. They are able to get relaxed by playing something simpler.