Top Tips To Increase Your Engagement On Instagram

Once upon a time, Instagram is used for pretty pictures and this is long ago. Now you will find 13% of the general population on Instagram and more than 60% are following brands.

Instagram has become a part of life since teens to adults in their 40s are daily users of this platform. Without engaging on Instagram you will be like living in an empty room.

This platform has developed great features for engagement whether you are a general user, influencer, or growing a small business over there.

 Here are a few tips for you to improve your connection with your audience using Instagram features:

Add relatable stories

Instagram is an interesting platform to increase engagement through adding stories that can be entertaining for your audience. Knowing your audience’s mindset will allow you to create specific content they want to know about you. Using stickers, filters, and gifs will prevent you from creating boring content.

Share what you are feeling and have been doing in your absence. Make this job easy by positing your social life instead of your personal life.

Don’t go ghost on your Instagram profile once you start posting stories. Your audience will think of you dying and find another more influential.

Share valuable information

You can’t deny the fact that any person on Instagram can influence others’ life. Whether you are posting about daily life, promoting any brand, visiting places, or having trips, people will engage and wants to adapt somehow.

When posting, make sure your content creates value for the viewers and that people revisit your profile to learn something new. Make content that people not only like and share but also feel inspired enough to download through any Instagram video downloader.

Anything, place, or food you are presenting to the audience should be interesting and has no direct impact on your personality.

Tell your plans

Understandably, humans can’t create content on regular basis with their other important activities. When you feel you cannot engage with your audience like you do, simply post some stories to inform them that you have taken a break or are busy with something important.

You can inform them about anything important going on in your life that demands complete attention so they don’t think of unfollowing you.

Also, you can inform them about your content posting time so they know something is coming about.

High-quality visuals posting

Visual matter! You will lose your followers rapidly if the quality of your content on Instagram is decreasing. It is better to invest in a DSLR camera or software for editing that prevents pixels to break down.

The more clear and real videos and pictures will be presented to the audience the more you will get likes.


Another strategy you should never avoid when posting any content on Instagram is cross-posting. Many of your followers will love to find you engaging on other social media platforms as well. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are owned by the same company which allows you to share your content directly on other platforms.

This feature is more helpful for you when you are promoting your business to a different audience.

Use right hashtags

In this busy world, looking for quick results on Instagram has been always easy as the developer has made this feature friendly and useable. A simple sign of a hashtag will lead to your results and more others which make your post accessible to many others.

Becoming any part of a community or promoting your content you should have proper knowledge of placing the right tags under your post that can lead to your content whenever they want to find it out.