LASIK: 5 Tips to Reduce Pain After Surgery

Lasik surgery, also known as laser surgery, is used to correct vision issues. This type of surgery is becoming increasingly popular in India. It eliminates the need for manual glasses. This surgery improves vision and can also be painful for some people. There are numerous causes of post-surgery pain, but it can be alleviated if given proper care after the surgery. It is critical to care for your eye after surgery to avoid any post-surgery complications. Follow these guidelines to reduce eye pain after Lasik.

●     Always take the prescribed medication

Some people believe that because they have had surgery, they no longer need to wear glasses or take medicine, but this is not the case. Always take the medication prescribed by your doctor to relieve pain. During surgery, the doctor will administer anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain. However, as the anesthesia wears off, the patient will begin to feel pain, so it is important to remember to take your medications.

●     Wear prescribed eye wear

The doctor will undoubtedly advise you to wear glasses following the surgery. The purpose of wearing glasses is to reduce stress on your eyes, as stress can cause pain and healing takes longer than expected. So, always follow your doctor’s instructions to eliminate post-surgery pain. Otherwise, it may necessitate more recovery time.

●     Give proper rest to your eyes

Just as our bodies need to rest after surgery, so do our eyes. Some people believe it is only minor surgery and that no rest is required afterward, but this is not the case. Most doctors will advise you to sleep after surgery because sleep will limit any work you will do and will prevent eye pain after Lasik.

●     Use liquid tears to prevent dry eyes

Dry eyes are very common after Lasik surgery. Dry eyes can cause itching and pain in some cases, so it is recommended that you carry liquid tears wherever you go to prevent dry eyes. Liquid tears or eye drops act as lubricants for your eyes and aid in the relief of eye pain after Lasik.

●     Keep in touch with your doctor

If you want proper healing, it is important to follow up with your doctor after Lasik surgery. The doctor can diagnose any problems that arise after the surgery, and you can also share your concerns with them. They will provide you with the best solution to your problems.

Lasik surgery is an innovation for vision-related problems, and surgery can only be successful if it produces positive results. To achieve those results, patients should not only follow pre-surgery steps but should also take care of their eyes after the surgery to avoid eye pain after Lasik. Lasik surgery is becoming popular; more and more people are having it done to correct eye problems. As a result, Lasik will become more prominent in the coming years and help those who are tired of wearing glasses and feel underconfident because of them. At that point, Lasik comes to your rescue.