How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

Okay, here’s a ludicrous take.

As a fellow avid internet user, I’m going to guess that you prefer to use faster sites instead of something bland and slow. And, the same thought also leads me to think that you’re currently trying your best to improve your WordPress website’s condition as well.

It’s quite an effective thought, I must admit.

After all, whether you want to boost your SEO ranking or get more visitors – having a faster website can work wonders for you. Keep reading to learn why.

Why Do You Need A Faster Website?

Having a quicker and more streamlined wordpress website can help you quite a lot, whether you’re a blogger or a business owner. Here’s why.

Reason – 1: Perfect Way To Optimize Your Website.

Creating a faster website doesn’t really involve a prolonged list of convoluted procedures. It’s possible to achieve your goals by –

  • Optimizing the images available within the website.
  • Reducing the total number of advertisements you have.
  • Cutting down on plugins and widgets you’re using.

Apart from that, sometimes, getting the HTTPS certification can help you out in this aspect a lot. So, ensure to make these changes today if you want to get a fast-loading site.

Reason – 2: Improving The Browsing Experience Of A User.

In general, a fast website can streamline the whole browsing process massively. Hence, it can help the user to reach whatever part they’re trying to get to pretty easily.

This, in turn, can improve their overall experience to some extent and help you decrease your bounce rate. Just ensure that your website is loading within a second of clicking. That’s all.

Reason – 3: Higher Conversion Rate.

Having an excellent user experience can also prompt people to opt for you instead of another of your competitors. Therefore, even if you’re not advertising your business, you’ll still get to achieve a higher conversion rate than usual.

Take Amazon as an example. The website of the organization opens pretty smoothly. Besides, once you get to it, you can simply buy a product by clicking once or twice. It’s agile, efficient, and easy to use. That’s why most people choose Amazon over everyone else.

How Do You Improve Your WordPress Website’s Speed?

In most cases, you’ll have to do a little bit of coding to improve the speed of your WordPress website. However, if you want, you can get away with it without doing any technical stuff at all. So, before we get into the dilli-dallies, let’s talk about the basics first.

Speeding Up Your Website – The Fundamentals

As mentioned before, I’ll talk about only a few fundamental methods in this section. So, bear with me a little, and let’s get started with it.

Option – 1: Opt For A Caching Plugin.

The pages available on a WordPress website are quite dynamic. Hence, to build them up, the CRM platform has to find the required information, put everything together, and then display it to your user. And, doing this all can take quite a lot of time.

That’s why you should use a caching plugin on your website. This way, it’ll make a copy of the page accordingly after the first loading period and serve the same to the user. It’ll open almost instantly, so there’s no need to worry about anything.

Option – 2: Optimize Your Images.

Having an image on your blog page can bring life to your content and boost the engagement rating as a whole. And, it can make around 80% of people read your writing till the end too.

But, here’s the catch.

If your images aren’t well-optimized as a whole, it won’t be possible for your website to load faster than usual. In fact, it can also increase the risk of crashing your site.

Hence, to take care of this situation, you should try to tone the quality of your images down a little. Try to compress them as well to ensure that they’re looking great otherwise.

Speeding Up Your Website – A Technical Outlook

In this section, we’ll talk about a few technical aspects to speed up website. It might be a little bit advanced. So, beginner people, beware.

Option – 1: Update Your WordPress Website.

As a highly-maintained, open-source project, WordPress gets an update or two every once in a while. And, it doesn’t only improve the security stature of the platform but also adds quite a few features to play with. They’re pretty cool, too.

Hence, whenever you open the back end of your website, be sure to check if there’s an update available or not. This way, you can both keep your site safe and increase its speed a bit more.

Option – 2: Optimize The Background Procedures.

As the name suggests, these procedures usually run in the background of your website. Some examples of the same can include the following –

  • Backup plugin tasks of WordPress.
  • Cron jobs of WordPress to check for updates.
  • Cron jobs of WordPress to publish various scheduled posts, and
  • Search engines trying to fetch your content.

Amongst these, the cron jobs tend to have a minimal impact on your website. But, everything else, such as crawling or plugin tasks, can affect the site’s performance.

So, it’s best to prevent them from working during the usual high time of your website. 

Like, if most of your visitors tend to come to your website in the afternoon, keep the tasks closed at that time. This way, it won’t affect its speed of it too much.

Apart From These…

Sometimes, you can get a whole lot of comments on your blog posts. And, while it’s good for the growth of your website, it can also affect its speed to some extent.

Hence, to take care of this issue, you can try getting to the “Settings” section and opt for the “break comments into pages.” 

This way, the page will have to load only a small amount of comments at once. So, its overall speed will go off the roof again. Great, right?

In any case, that’ll be all for this article. 

Hopefully, we could help you out as much as we could. But, if you still have any questions or something else to discuss, mention us in the comment section.

We’ll try our best to offer our help to you.