What Features should High-Quality Mushroom farm Equipment Have?

Using good equipment is important in many, if not most industries. Owners of successful mushroom growing farms know it very well. Even the most dedicated workers and great know-how can’t bring the best results while using subpar equipment.

Investing in good quality devices is the way to go. But how can someone know that a piece of equipment is indeed a high-quality one? What features to look out for? Both of these questions (and more) will be answered below!

The most important features of good mushroom picking lorries

Mushroom picking lorries are much more technologically advanced than they used to be. For example, they have many useful automation features, both when it comes to the picking itself and safety measures.

The up and down, as well as the right and left movement of the platform, is automated – all that a picker needs to do is use remote control, there’s no need to manually turn a crank. Furthermore, an automated stoppage system helps prevent accidents by quickly stopping the lorry when an obstacle is detected. Pickers might become distracted or have slow reflexes, so relying on them to manually stop the lorry in time would be much riskier.

Effective climate control is a must

Modern climate control systems can ensure that the conditions on the farm are optimal for mushroom growth at all times. This leads to increased yield, which in turn means higher profits.

Additionally, investing in great climate control can lower some unavoidable costs connected to running a mushroom growing farm, such as heating and ventilation.

Battery-powered scales will save time and money

Scales are small (size-wise), but necessary and frequently used pieces of mushroom farm equipment. They should be, above all, durable and precise.

Battery-powered ones are an especially good choice. They will allow the farm to save on labour costs – the employees won’t need to constantly plug them into chargers and there won’t be any cables to get damaged with use. Replacing the batteries, which only has to be done once very few months, is fast and easy.

Watering systems are crucial for mushroom growing farms

The watering system mounted under the shelves of the shelving takes care of, as the name suggests, watering the mushrooms through the entire cultivation process. There’s a possibility of manual control, but also automatic watering (during the day or night), so every farm can set up the schedule according to their preferences and business processes.

Modern, high-quality watering systems are easy to use. They allow the operator to select not only the time and place of watering (the right cultivation room), but also the correct amount of water that will be delivered.

Automation, safety, durability and ergonomics are some of the most important categories of features that high-quality mushroom farm equipment should have. By using the best available equipment, the farm can minimize costs and raise revenue, leading to much higher profits. It can be bought from reliable suppliers, for example, GROWTIME.