All About Flowering Plants

The sativa and the indica are varieties of cannabis. They both contain CBD. However, it is important to take into account certain criteria specific to each of these species in order to have the purest CBD available. You are interested in CBD, but you wonder if you should choose the one from the sativa or the indica.

This article is yours. Its contents will help you to fix you.

Sativa and Indica : back to the origins

Cannabis is a species with several variants and subclasses. Its first classification dates back to 1750, when the Swedish botanist Carl Von Linné decided to call cannabis sativa L.

He believed that there was only one species of cannabis. According to him, there was only one species of cannabis.

But, many years later, in 1785, the existence of a new variety of cannabis was brought to the knowledge of the public.

It was cannabis indica Lam. It was a discovery by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a French naturalist.

This new variety of cannabis differed from the previous one by its texture and by its effects after consumption.

Indeed, its fibers were much more spongy.
It also had a much more powerful psychotropic effect than the previous one. Today, the Sativa and the Indica cannabis have no more secrets for the consumers. These two varieties of hemp are cultivated almost everywhere in the world:

  • The sativa is much more cultivated in Colombia, in some African countries, in Mexico…
  • As for the cannabis indica, it grows much more in the high altitudes, one often finds it in the regions having a tradition anchored in the consumption of the hashish. As example of countries, there are Nepal, Afghanistan or Morocco.

The physical specificities of the Sativa and the Indica

Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica do not have the same texture. Each of these plants is differentiated by a texture which is clean him.

Cannabis Sativa

The cannabis sativa is a plant of very long size.
A plant of Sativa can measure up to 1m80. It presents long leaves.
These plants have a tapered tip at the top and have a not very bushy foliage.

It is understandable because the leaves have the characteristic to develop around the tree.

This tree produces its flowers at the level of its branches.

This look that the cannabis sativa presents is justified because of the climate in which it develops.

The equatorial zones are indeed characterized by very short sunny periods, but rather frequent.

This tree thus developed a resistance against the sun.

What about the appearance of indica cannabis?

Cannabis indica, unlike sativa, is a fairly short plant.
A foot of this variety of cannabis rarely measures more than 90 cm.

It is a rather bushy plant. It presents broad leaves. Its termination presents a packed and very intense look.

The density of its leaves is favored by the climate (cold and dry).
This plant thus did not have to undergo the afflictions of the solar rays.

Concentration of each species in CBD : what do you need to know?

CBD is a cannabinoid contained in all cannabis. It is indeed the substance which is at the origin of the numerous therapeutic virtues of cannabis.

However, it is competing with many other molecules contained in cannabis. These substances, unlike cannabidiol, have psychotropic effects.
The most fearsome of them is THC.

The appreciation of a variety of hemp is often done according to its content of THC and CBD.

Cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica all contain these two molecules. But the levels differ.

Cannabis indica has a much higher THC content than CBD, which is low enough.

Its content of THC is stronger than that of the sativa. Indeed, the rate of THC present in this variety is between 5 and 20 %. While the Sativa L presents a content which is not superior to 0,2 %.

As regards the concentration in CBD, the sativa has the merit to contain some in quantity much higher than the indica.

The Sativa: A variety privileged by the French legislation

The effects produced by the THC after the consumption of cannabis make of this last one, a species rejected by several people.

It is indeed for this reason that the varieties containing a high rate of CBD are privileged.

The Sativa L remains the best option.

Some legislations have made the choice, in this case France which conditioned the use of cannabis on its territory to the sativa L.

However, it still limited the THC rate which must not exceed 0,3%.

A small analysis allows to better understand this choice and these precisions. It is true that there are techniques of extraction of CBD.

However, when the THC concentration is very high, there are risks that the extraction is not 100% successful.

The THC could therefore end up mixed with the CBD at the end of the separation process.

Also, the higher the concentration of the plant in CBD, the less quantity is needed to make the extraction.

The sativa L is thus the most recommended species in this case.

The cannabis indica has this particularity to secrete sometimes very dangerous toxins for the health of the man.

This secretion is often observed especially in case of use of fertilizers.

Apart from France, some countries have also made the choice of Sativa Indica by also limiting the THC content.

The other reasons which could contribute to make a choice are those in connection with the effects of each of these species.

Sativa and Indica: What are the effects?

Both sativa and indica are used for recreational purposes and in many other areas. However, the effects are not the same.

The indica cannabis is much more appreciated for the effect of relaxation which it produces and for the feeling of falling asleep after the catch.

As for the sativa, it gets energy as well as excitements.

Moreover, it contributes to a better cerebral functionality.