Why You Should Consider Double Glazed Windows for Your Home

Double glazing windows have become rather popular in recent years, with many new construction and remodel projects using them. These types of windows are made of two panes of glass that have a small gap between them. The gap is filled with an inert gas, typically argon, and then hermetically sealed. This gap and the inert gas in it are what give this type of window its insulating properties and other unique benefits. It is these benefits that explain why you should consider these types of windows for your property.

Additional Security

Double glazing windows are much stronger than their single-pane counterparts. They are tougher to break for this reason, thereby providing additional security to the home. If you want additional security, you can go with laminated or toughened glass options which will be slightly more expensive. Also, your contractor can integrate modern security locking mechanisms and systems into these units for even more security.

Reduced Energy Bills

Windows are a common cause of higher energy bills in many homes. They can lead to cool air entering the home and warm air leaving. Double glazing windows significantly reduce the heat entering and leaving the home through the window. They achieve this through the small airtight-sealed gap of insulation between the two panes. Apart from ensuring temperature stability that leads to lower power bills, double glazing windows also help keep the home comfortable regardless of the temperature outside.

Better Soundproofing

Single-pane windows are notorious for letting sounds and vibrations into the home. This is an especially serious concern if you live on a busy street with a lot of traffic. Double glazed windows do a fantastic job of providing additional soundproofing and, in turn, reducing noise pollution.

Having more mass due to the double panes means they are less likely to vibrate. The insulation between them also provides an additional layer of soundproofing. While typical double-glazed windows are effective at this, there are options that offer soundproofing of up to 35 decibels. This means they eliminate noise from the road, a nearby school and even kids playing in the neighbourhood.

Reducing UV Bleaching and Fading

Natural light is great because it has several benefits. However, too much of it can damage your interior, especially your furniture and other hardware. Ultraviolet rays are the culprit here as they bleach objects over time due to the extended exposure. Curtains and carpets are also susceptible because they are typically in direct contact with these rays. Hardwood floors that are not carpeted or treaded will also be affected.

Double glazed windows stop UV rays from getting into the home thus reducing its bleaching and fading effects. There are also Low-E (low emittance) options available that block even more UV rays.

Improved Aesthetics

Double glazed windows are a great way to improve your home’s aesthetics. They come in a variety of frame designs meaning that it is pretty easy to find ones that look great for your home.

In addition to making your home look better, double glazing windows have other benefits that make it a good idea to consider them. While they may not be a match for much older homes without a remodel, they are still a great option for modern ones.